Whenever someone talks about being rich our thoughts immediately go out to Bill Gates. But the world has a new rich guy now. Move over, Bill Gates – Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s founder, has beat you by a mere $1.4 billion.

How did this become possible?

Amazon’s shares rose 2.5% today, which led to this surge in riches. Bezos, 53, owns around 17% of Amazon’s shares that exceeds $500 billion in value. Amazon’s first quarter results saw a 23% rise in sales, the value of which is around $35 billion.

Bezos hasn’t beat Bill Gates by a huge margin. The value of the latter is around $90.7 billion. Bezos will continue to enjoy this status as long as Amazon’s and Microsoft’s stocks holds steady.

Amazon’s market value currently stands at $513 billion. Apart from Amazon, Bezos also owns the Washington Post and will soon start a rocket company called Blue Origins.

An interesting fact about Jeff Bezos is that he’s extremely interested in space and the endless possibilities it offers. He’s futuristic enough to think about space hotels and smart cities around the Earth’s orbit. He believes that soon there will be millions working in space and hopes to visit himself, once his company, Blue Origins kicks off successfully.

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