Samsung seems to have learnt hard after crashing and burning (pun unintended) with the Galaxy Note 7. The Note 8 is big, fast and totally worth the wait. It will be available for sale from September 15 with pre-orders open now. Now let’s see if the Note 8 is really worth the hype (it seems to be!)

The Note 8 offers a display big enough to fall into the phablet category but manageable enough that it doesn’t irritate you with its size. With a 6.3 inch display, the Note 8 has a nearly bezel-free Infinity Display. The phone is dust and water-proof but definitely not crash-proof. The Note 8 also offers the S pen, Samsung’s pet stylus that has stuck with the Note series.

Samsung seems to have really taken the camera seriously with the Note 8. A new Live Focus feature lets you adjust the blur in the background as you’re clicking a picture and even after. It also has two lenses, each 12 MP, which lets you take separate photos with each lens and choose between the wide or zoomed shot.

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The phone is extremely powerful – it runs on the Samsung Exynos 8895 processor with a 6GB RAM, 64GB in-built storage and an external SD card slot. It also provides wireless charging for its 3300mAh battery and Samsung has promised us a better battery life. You can also multitask with apps where you can save pairs of apps and open them quicker.

The Galaxy Note 8 seems to be one of Samsung’s best phones so far and promises quite a lot. Let’s just hope that it helps Samsung recover from the Note 7’s debacle.

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