French startup Molotov has built the best TV streaming service in its home country. Unfortunately, if you tried using the service in other European countries, Molotov would simply stop working. The startup now lets you stream your content when you’re traveling across the European Union.

The European Union has been working hard on creating a digital single market across Europe. And the Council recently adopted a regulation to ban geoblocking across the European Union. European countries and online services have nine months to comply with the regulation.

And it looks like Molotov is complying as quickly as possible. You can expect a bunch of similar announcements in the coming months.

Molotov now has 5 million users. You can watch up to 80 different channels live, and on most channels, you can start over at the beginning of a program. Molotov also lets you search and watch content on catchup platforms. And finally, there’s a cloud recorder to store all your favorite shows. The service works on phones, tablets, laptops, smart TVs, Apple TV, Android TV and more.

The startup now wants to expand beyond France and partner with local TV channels in other European countries. Today’s news is just step one of a much bigger European play.

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