Welcome to “Equity,” TechCrunch’s venture capital and tech business podcast. For this week, we talked about the wave of enterprise IPOs. And we were joined by Dharmesh Thakker, general partner at Battery Ventures. He was the perfect guest because he specializes in enterprise and Battery is pretty good at it.  We also talked about Facebook’s privacy debacle.

First up, we talked about Dropbox pricing its long-awaited IPO. It priced at $21 per share, which was better than what the company was initially hoping for. Valued at $8.2 billion, it’s still below that $10 billion last private round (which only impacts a small subset investors directly, but is an indication of valuations for the broader ecosystem). However, if it “pops,” it could push back that milestone on day one.

Then we talked about other upcoming IPOs, like e-signature business DocuSign. I broke the news that it filed confidentially.

We also talked about cloud security business ZScaler which doubled following its debut. I broke the news of that one, too. (If you know of any other upcoming IPOs, please contact me).

There’s also Zuora, the subscription software business, which unveiled its IPO filing this week.

And MuleSoft, one of last year’s IPOs that now got purchased for $6.5 billion by SalesForce.

But we also saved time to talk about Facebook’s big privacy mess. And Travis Kalanick’s new job (again).

And our co-host Alex Wilhelm was off, which is unacceptable. Fine, I guess being sick is an ok excuse. Get well soon!

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