In a bit more than two months, the TechCrunch team is heading to Tel Aviv for a day-long event. And I’m excited to announce a couple of new speakers — Shuly Galili from UpWest Labs and Yahal Zilka from Magma Venture Partners.

While both Galili and Zilka are investors, they have two different stories to tell. Galili is based in Silicon Valley and is looking for the most promising seed-stage startups coming from Israel.

She’s been helping entrepreneurs bridge the gap between Silicon Valley and Israel. She has a ton of insights on both ecosystems. As a founding partner for UpWest Labs, she’s already participated in dozens of funding rounds with her tiny team. UpWest Labs is an investor in Airobotics, HoneyBook, SentinelOne and many other startups.

As for Zilka, he’s now mostly known for his role at Magma Venture Partners. Magma has been around for nearly 20 years and is now an established player in Israel.

As a managing partner, Zilka is involved with a handful of startups on the board of directors. He was also involved with Waze, Onavo, Argus and plenty of other Israeli success stories.

Zilka also used to be working for startups before starting his VC career. In particular, he worked for VocalTec Communications in the late 1990s, one of the companies that first worked on voice-over-IP technologies. The company went public in 1996.

These two speakers will have plenty of interesting things to say on June 7 at the TechCrunch Tel Aviv conference. This year, the event will focus on mobility and everything around it, from autonomous vehicles, to sensors, drones and security.

Buy tickets here and see you at the Tel Aviv Convention Center!

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