AllRaise, a new nonprofit organization that’s behind diversity and inclusion efforts like Female Founder Office Hours (FFOH) and Founders for Change (FfC), wants to increase the amount of funding female founders receive, Forbes first reported earlier today.

Currently, female founders receive just 15 percent of all venture funding, according to AllRaise. Within the next five years, AllRaise wants to increase that to 25 percent, while also doubling the percentage of women in VC partner roles in the next 10 years.

“Our mission is simple — to accelerate the success of female funders and founders,” AllRaise co-founder Aileen Lee wrote on Medium. “We believe that by improving the success of women in the venture-backed tech ecosystem, we can build a more accessible community that reflects the diversity of the world around us.”

AllRaise intends to achieve these goals through FFOH, FfC, creating a diverse candidate database for venture capital, data sharing, facilitating introductions between limited partners and female VCs and by working in solidarity with other diversity organizations. AllRaise joins the likes of Project Include, the Kapor Center for Social Impact’s Leaky Tech Pipeline and other organizations — all of which all aim to address the lack of diversity and inclusion throughout the multiple areas of the tech industry.

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