The first Emirati-based, newest video streaming service on the block – Swoo focuses on using live broadcasts to the fullest. Unlike regular video streaming platforms that allow anybody to upload and share their content, Swoo concentrates on filtering the extras. It’s main aim is to give you relevant content among the mass produced, unfiltered videos that plague the internet.

Developed by Algorythma, the technology arm of ADFG, this app is used by celebrities, thought leaders, experts and influencers from across the world.

Swoo works on curating live broadcasts to fit your interests. This seems to be a good idea because it doesn’t push random videos to you like Facebook does.

Choose your Interests Live Broadcasts

A simple sign up on the Swoo app takes us to different categories like entertainment, sports, tech, and the like. The concept is very simple – different people share their tips, tricks and experiences on the platform on both live and pre-recorded videos. It’s like going to a friend for advice on where to travel next.

This concept works because it’s curated by a behind-the-scenes team to ensure we get the right content. It is this categorization that makes Swoo a great platform for live videos.

The app also offers features like a group live broadcast where up to 4 users can share their views in one shot. It’s also reached 4 million installs in just 6 months.

Swoo bridges the gap between passionate broadcasters and their followers by engaging them live. Social communities have also been created within the app.

Amidst the noise of videos that cloud the internet, Swoo aims to narrow audience videos to different categories. It also looks at giving talents their due recognition and ensuring it doesn’t get lost in the flow.

By developing targeted niche audiences for different groups, Swoo can also be a great platform for business development.

Recently, Swoo made headlines by venturing into the education industry. By forging a partnership with ALEF education, Swoo aims to bring the classroom to the living room. As part of the event, a school in Abu Dhabi organized an e-lecture from an expert in the UK through the platform.

By foraying into the education industry, Swoo aims to do a world of good. People can get world-class education from the comfort of their homes. While there are other platforms that do the same, Swoo’s easy interface and usability puts it a level above others. And we look forward to seeing how well they take the platform further.

Swoo has many interactive and exclusive features that allow users to engage in real-time with features like claps, live chats and maps. The team also pre-verifies broadcasters to maintain the quality of content that goes into the platform. Broadcasters can group multiple broadcasts into one video album using the Unique Shows creation feature.

Events parties Live Chat
In addition to existing features, Swoo will launch also new features such as gamification and monetization.

You can be a part of Swoo by downloading the app now and start swooing .. see ya there.

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