As part of All Raise’s mission to increase the number of female founders who receive venture funding in the next five years, All Raise has tapped more than 120 successful female founders to provide one-on-one mentorship to other women building companies.

Currently, female founders receive just 15 percent of all venture funding, according to All Raise. Within the next five years, All Raise wants to increase that to 25 percent, while also doubling the percentage of women in VC partner roles in the next 10 years.

All Raise held its first Female Founders Office Hours in November. Since then, more than 30 female VCs have conducted 200 mentoring sessions. With an additional 120 people on board, All Raise hopes to be able to better serve the 1,500 or so female founders who have applied for office hours.

In addition to bringing on board Stitch Fix CEO Katrina Lake, All Raise has tapped Getaround’s Jessica Scorpio, Julia Hartz of Eventbrite and others, who have collectively raised $4 billion in venture funding.

“For women in tech, these network connections are often forged randomly,” All Raise co-founder and Sequoia Capital Partner Jess Lee wrote in a blog post. “But they don’t have to be left to chance. With Female Founder Office Hours, we aim to build an intentional community and a pay-it-forward chain of mentorship between every generation of female founders.”

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