Today is international workers’ day or Labour Day. It is the day that we dedicate to appreciate the never-ending help, work, support, and patience of the entire working community across the globe.

We may be dressed in a suit and sit in an AC boardroom, taking part in a huge business meeting where we define and create new policies that will cost millions of dollars or make an impressionable dent in the universe but the simple truth is this: nothing will work or even see daylight if we do not have the right people to execute our passion, plan, dream, project, or whatever you wanna call it.

Spare a thought for the people who work at the grassroot level. They make us look and be awesome. All the glitz and glamour, the tish tosh, the shiny buildings kissing the sky, the lush green golf courses and awesome football stadiums, the 8- lane highways and twisted and nested flyovers, the communities, the cities, the expos, and basically the entire world around us will just be a dream without the people who work day and night to make it all happen. They wear a simple helmet and uniform and heavy safety shoes, just so we can just throw our car keys to the valet and walk in to different places in our fancy outfits.

Next time when you encounter a person working in such places, give them a smile. Let them know they are awesome; a super star. He is the guy who serves you food or the guy who cleans the mall, hotel, or a building washroom. He is your gardener or office tea boy or simply the guy who brings stuff for you when you call your nearest grocery because it is highly convenient for you.

When you meet him (or her) let them know that you owe them. If nothing else, just a smile will do. A kind word goes a long way and just by telling them that they all make us look good, you encourage them to be better and do better. After all, in this world we live in, everyone is an equal. If I may say so, the common labourer is far superior to all of us because he can convert our grand visions into grand reality.




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