We were skeptical about The Rain, a new Danish series from Netflix. Not that the trailer was bad, exactly. It’s just hard to take a show with the tagline “Stay Dry. Stay Alive.” very seriously.

But here at the Original Content podcast, we don’t just judge shows by their trailers. No, we actually watched the first few episodes of The Rain, and we discovered a surprisingly compelling — even, at times, scary — thriller.

As the title implies, the danger in The Rain comes from rainfall, which has mysteriously been infected with a deadly virus. Our heroes, siblings Simone (played by Alba August) and Rasmus (Lucas Lynggaard Tønnesen) take shelter in a secret bunker, only to emerge years later into a dramatically more frightening world.

In this episode, we also recap Hulu’s plans for offline streaming, the impending departure of HBO shows from Amazon Prime and a TV adaptation of the vampire comedy What We Do In The Shadows. Also, speculation about the upcoming Star Wars prequel Solo inevitably leads to a long conversation about Wookie life expectancy.

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