In the fractured, spammy world that is consumer PC software downloads, Microsoft is looking to make their Microsoft Store a more central hub but they need the help (and enthusiasm) of developers. In a major showing of good will, Microsoft is changing up their revenue sharing structure to give developers a bigger cut.

Developers of consumer apps (not including games) for PC, Windows Mixed Reality, Windows Phone or Surface Hub will now receive 85 percent of revenue from downloads — as opposed to 70 percent — when the app is tracked down through the Microsoft Store.

What’s more interesting is that Microsoft is bumping this figure up to 95 percent when the app is deep-linked externally from somewhere like the app developer’s site.

While Apple and Google both structure their revenue sharing models based on how long a user is engaging with an app, even after 12 months of usage, the 85/15 model that both of these platforms operate at only matches Microsoft’s new standard model, but Microsoft’s 95/5 split is far and away the best deal among major app stores.

These same revenue splits will attach to any subscriptions that users get from the app in the future. This new revenue share structure will go into effect later this year.

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