YouTube has long been the key to Vevo’s music syndication services, and in a blog post today, the company announced plans to focus even more on the site. The effort, which finds Vevo, “focused on engaging the biggest audiences and pursuing growth opportunities,” also involves trimming away some of the elements it deems unnecessary to that strategy.

On the chopping block are Vevo’s iOS, Android and Windows apps, along with the consumer-facing side of its own site. “To be most effective in achieving those goals,” Vevo writes, “we will phase out elements of our owned and operated platforms.”

Those who have been viewing service’s content through its proprietary offering will get access to tools for importing things like playlists to YouTube. Of course, the Universal/Sony/Warner Music-owned service is doing this precisely at the moment that YouTube is launching its own music service to compete with the likes of Spotify.

That ultimately could put a hamper on the company’s plans to essentially put all of its eggs into the YouTube basket. The company hasn’t yet announced what non-YouTube platforms will ultimately be key to its strategy moving forward, though Variety notes that, for now, at least, the company is continuing to offer apps for some smart TVs.

Amazon’s unannounced YouTube competitor could be on the list, as the company looks to provide its own video platform for the Echo. For now, however, Vevo will continue to focus on advertising and original content, as it leans even more heavily on Google’s video service. 

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