TechCrunch is hosting its first ever Startup Battlefield in Paris. This morning, 15 startups competed for the coveted Best of Show award.

They all pitched in front of three different panels of esteemed judges. Investors and tech leaders took some time to ask them some tough questions and understand what they’re doing. Later today, finalists will pitch on the big stage in front of a brand new batch of judges.

And now, meet the 15 startups who competed in the Startup Battlefield Europe.


Wisebatt wants to lower the cost of R&D for hardware engineers by providing them with a patented simulation and collaboration platform.


Wingly is a flight sharing platform connecting private pilots with passengers to share the cost of a flight.

Walk With Path

Walk With Path’s weareables help Parkinson’s patients walk more confidently and avoid falls.


Wakeo is a SaaS platform that uses machine learning and satellite data to help industrial leaders optimize their supply chain.


Varanida is a web extension that allows users to choose when they want to see ads.


Tapoly offers on-demand insurance for freelancers contractors and SMEs.


StatusToday is an AI-powered employee insights platform that simplifies team management.


Statice’s software secures a company’s private data while providing an avenue for sharing of that data.

Solely Original

Solely Original is a womens footwear brand that enables customers to design their own shoes online.


Mapify is a social travel platform aimed at providing a single outlet for planning transportation, entertainment and housing.


IOV provides a universal protocol for blockchains and wallet users.


Glowee is a sustainable living light source powered by wasteproducts and reusable biomass. Thier mission is to disrupt the way we produce and consume light.


Drova is a decentralized gaming rental service that enables clients to rent games/apps around the world without having to buy a gaming console.


BIMlosophy is a platform aimed at providing construction managers with the software needed to pay workers without having to buy a license.


Anorak is a platform that uses machine learning to tailor advice to those seeking life insurance.

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