TechCrunch is hosting one of our single-topic Sessions events centered on AR/VR and mixed reality in Los Angeles on October 18th at UCLA’s Royce Hall. We’re going to be doing some very cool stuff that we’re not quite ready to talk about, but at the core we’re looking to have incredible discussions with the best and brightest in reality creation.

The goal is to get folks into one room to see some demos, hear some talks and take part in a salon of sorts about the state of AR/VR. We’ll talk shop, philosophy, hardware, software and inclusion.

As someone who has logged hundreds of hours in a headset, reported on the space and been an advocate of what augmented and virtual realities could do for us, I’m pretty excited. I’ll be programming the event personally, along with our crack reporter in the space, Lucas Matney. The show promises to be bang-up cool with attention paid to the hardware and software that will enable the next generation of experiences in the augmented reality and virtual reality worlds, as well as some more metaphysical chit chat about how we all go about building these worlds.

Check out the site for Sessions: AR/VR 2018; we’ll be fleshing it out with speakers and more details as we lock them down. You can grab early tickets here for $95, which includes access to all the day’s talks and demos and, if you’re a student, we’ve got special tickets just for you here for $45.

More to come soon. See you in October!

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