TechCrunch is building an epic Disrupt SF (September 5-7) and we’re proud to announce another major building block for the show, this one in line with TechCrunch’s Include program and the Justice/Diversity track at Disrupt.

The recently launched All Raise will run a three-part workshop for women founders over two days at Disrupt SF. In case you missed the news, All Raise launched in April thanks to the efforts of 36 women partners at venture firms committed to promoting diversity among “funders & founders.”

“Our mission is simple — to accelerate the success of female funders and founders,” All Raise co-founder Aileen Lee wrote on Medium. “We believe that by improving the success of women in the venture-backed tech ecosystem, we can build a more accessible community that reflects the diversity of the world around us.”

All Raise will organize the following activities for female founders at Disrupt SF to participate in.

On Thursday, September 6, All Raise will hold a roundtable workshop for women founders at Disrupt SF with the opportunity to participate at one of 12 tables, each representing a major challenge facing female founders. Richly experienced mentors, including Aileen Lee (Cowboy Ventures) and Susan Lyne (BBG Ventures), will lead discussions on topics, including: fundraising, recruiting strategies, company culture, sales and marketing strategies, board/investor management, M&A and more.

The roundtable participants will discuss their experiences as well as strategies for success.

After 90 minutes discussing those topics, the workshop will shift to an AMA with select All Raise leadership.  Workshop participants will have a chance to ask the top women in venture questions about whatever is top of mind. 

On Friday, September 7, All Raise will host Female Founder Office Hours at Disrupt with 18 or more All Raise VC and founder mentors. All female founders at Disrupt may apply for a 30-minute session. There will be 108 sessions over three hours.

Here’s how to participate:

Buy a pass to Disrupt SF. All pass types have access to the All Raise workshop and office hours, but a Founder pass provides access to all of the show’s vast programming, networking and several other female-focused activities to make the most of Disrupt SF.

Can’t swing a pass? All Raise has 50 available to distribute. Apply here.

Eligible pass holders will receive an email from TechCrunch as we get closer to the event with information on the All Raise workshop and office hours, including: 

  • When and where to go to attend the roundtables and AMA on Thursday — first come first serve. (Any female founder is welcome.)
  • Apply up for Office Hours on Friday. (Open to all female founders; applications will be reviewed by the All Raise team to select those founders who might most benefit from an Office Hours session.)

There are many reasons to attend Disrupt, including three days of programming and workshops across four stages, the hugely successful CrunchMatch founder-investor matching service, Startup Alley exhibit area and, of course, the legendary Startup Battlefield competition.

Thanks to All Raise, Disrupt has another fantastic attraction, this one designed specifically for female founders.

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