Fresh on the heels of the launch of betaworks Studios, the startup factory is opening its doors once again as applications have opened for LiveCamp.

LiveCamp is the fourth installment of betaworks’ accelerator program, following the progress of BotCamp, VoiceCamp and VisionCamp.

LiveCamp is a bit less straightforward with its thesis. Inspired by Twitch streamers and platforms like HQ Trivia, LiveCamp is looking for companies that are interested in digital live experiences, where the line between performer and audience is blurred.

“You can think of eSports with commenting as the 1.0,” said Camps General Manager Danika Laszuk. “HQ really brought the idea of live to a more mainstream audience. I mean, there is no game if people aren’t playing it. But there are plenty of examples, like Peloton, where you could get a bike or go to a studio, or take a live spin class right from your home on your bike, with a community all over the world.”

Betaworks has always employed the “rising tide” strategy. Even years ago, with the entrepreneur in residence program, betaworks created a cohort of companies across a single vertical to give them the opportunity for early strategic partnerships.

LiveCamp will work in a similar way, with some companies focused on consumer-facing live applications, and others developing middleware to enable them, while still others will build applications to enable creators themselves.

Betaworks is looking for between 5 and 10 companies to join the 11-week LiveCamp program. Each company will receive a $200K uncapped SAFE note with a 25 percent discount, with 8 percent common stock in each company allocated to betaworks.

Companies can apply to LiveCamp here.

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