Pilot Labs’ Zeus Battle Robot captured our hearts at CES back in January, because, well, just look at this crazy thing:

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Seemingly against all odds, the ‘bot is now available for purchase through Amazon. And the price tag is as insane as the rest of it: $1,600 for the kit and $1,700 for a pre-assembled version. That price includes a wireless controller, battery, charger, case and the robot, naturally. There are also a bunch of design files for further customizing it.

The Zeus stands 14-inches, weighs just under five pounds and sports 22 motors. We were pretty impressed by the demo we got at CES, though that model hit a bit of a snag, after battling it out all day. You can see in the video that it’s got a bit of a wonky arm thing going on. Hopefully the shipping version has those snags worked out.

The battery should get up to 50 minutes of fight time on a charge. Pilot says it’s already working on future versions with AI, computer vision and, potentially, Alexa voice control. It also plans to sponsor “an international fighting Robot contest with big cash prizes,” so maybe you can win back some the arm and leg that you paid for it. 

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