Alexa is finally getting an equalizer feature, letting users adjust EQ settings with commands like “Alexa, decrease the treble.” It’s nice feature that I’m honestly a bit surprised the company didn’t introduce a while back. After it rolls out over the next couple of days, you’ll be able to satisfyingly tell your Echo, “Alexa, turn up the bass.”

The full features are only coming to the U.S. for the time being, making it possible to adjust different bands between -6 db and 6 db on the standard Echo, the Dot, Plus, Show and Echo Spot.

The company is also offering up the feature for developers and has provided it to third-party speaker manufacturers, for use on products like the Polk Command Bar and Sonos Beam. That, at least, is part of the company’s push to get Alexa on as many non-Echo devices as possible, as it looks to compete with premium smart speakers like Apple’s HomePod and the Google Home Max.

Last year, Amazon was rumored to be working on a HomePod competitor of its own. That eventually semi-materialized with the release of the second-gen Echo. The device offered a more premium design and improved audio, but wasn’t the high-end speaker some were anticipating. At the very least, this new feature offers a bit more customization —  and, perhaps, lays the groundwork for a truly premium Echo offering.

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