The title could just as easily be Sweet Justice.

The Boston-headquartered publishing house Little, Brown has agreed to publish a new book about Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, who famously settled a 2008 lawsuit against their former Harvard classmate Mark Zuckerberg over Facebook’s earliest days, then made a much larger fortune with their settlement money by investing it in bitcoin.

According to the business magazine The Bookseller, the new opus, titled Bitcoin Billionaires, covers a lot of territory, from the brothers trying without success to raise a venture fund in Silicon Valley (no one wanted to upset Zuckerberg, is the claim), to first hearing about bitcoin on a jaunt to Ibiza, Spain. They were reportedly so convinced of its merits, that they wound up gathering up one percent of all the bitcoin in circulation during or around 2012. 

Whether the book is made into a movie remains to be seen, but it seems as likely as not, given that its author is fellow Harvard grad Ben Mezrich, who also authored The Accidental Billionaires.

That book was eventually adapted by Aaron Sorkin into the Academy Award-winning movie about Facebook’s origins, The Social Network. In fact, when Mezrich began pitching his newest effort to publishing houses in the spring, the New York Post reported on “buzz that there’s already a movie deal in the works for the planned book.”

In the meantime, the Winklevoss twins are receiving some fresh attention in Fortune, which included them in a new 40 Under 40 List that the outlet published this morning and which focuses on young movers and shakers at the “edge of finance and technology.” The reasoning behind their inclusion: the brothers, now 36, run one of the world’s most influential crypto funds with their New York and L.A.-based firm Winklevoss Capital. They also oversee the three-year-old digital asset exchange Gemini, which they founded in 2015.

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