It was the Nokia 6600 that got my attention and held my hand and took me into the Symbian phone eco system it was really cool considering that it was offering something unique to the mobile users with nice phones and awesome GUI with the possibility of installing new Java apps. The mobile world started to promise BIG and the consumers started believing. Nokia couldn’t keep the promise and tried really hard with Lumia series featuring Windows Mobile OS.

Now let’s talk about Blackberry. I still remember my first BB 8700G. It was a beautiful device, dark blue with a nice side wheel and a fantastic keyboard. The device was strong, robust and made me feel comfortable and the moment I held it for the first time I could feel that I could trust the device and my messages, emails and my contacts are going to be in safe hands and I was a loyal blackberry user until Blackberry Q10 and then finally I was helplessly dragged into the iOS eco-system.

And then what happened? We all know and case studies have been written about the colossal failure of Nokia and Blackberry and how they got defeated by iPhone and Android eco-system etc.

I have tried to decipher this in my own way. In a more entrepreneurial perspective beyond the technological reasons I hereby present my story of Failure, Success and Rubber Sneakers (you will surely love my rubber sneakers “metaphor” theory when you watch the video).

I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I have enjoyed putting it together for you.

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