One of the most popular game-categories in the Playstore and Appstore is wordgames. People love to have their way with words, and games like Scrabble, WordFeud and Words-with-friends are immensly popular. This comes as no surprise, playing a wordgame against your friends or relatives is a nice way to keep in contact through the inevitable chat-function, and you can play whenever you’ve got a few minutes to spare. It’s casual gaming at it’s best.

Now a Dubai-based start-up, Cambrian Hub Technologies, released SmartFeud. A new mobile game that takes the familiar Scrabble to the next level and it looks like it’s going to be a big hit. SmartFeud is a dream come true for everyone who likes to have a way with words. The Scrabble-like game is now available for players all over the world in English, Dutch and German.

The look and feel of SmartFeud is a lot like Scrabble, but it has a major twist: the possibility to take a tile from the board to re-use it. This makes the classic game a lot more interesting.

For example: Player A plays ‘GATE’, Player B can take the ‘G’ from the board and use it to create his own word, ‘ATE’ is a valid word after all. Players can take any one letter from the board, as long as at the end of their turn all words on the field are in the dictionary.
This way players have a lot more to think about. Not only about the words they can form with their given tiles, but also what tile to take from the board, and how this tile can be used.

The promotional video can be found here:

SmartFeud can be played against your (Facebook-)friends or a random opponent, and can also be played with three or four players. It is free to download in the App store and Play store.

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