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Today, installation of a security surveillance system has never been easier. With continued advancements in the IP-based video camera industry, homes and small businesses across the country have found network-based surveillance solutions more and more attractive.
These cost-effective, high quality network video cameras produce a massive amount of data, all of which needs to be stored and accessible in case of a security incident. That’s where our line of TeraStation™ 5200 Network Video Recorders (NVR) steps in. Teamed up with Axis Communications, the market leader in network video cameras, Buffalo provides a complete video surveillance storage solution with built-in support for AXIS® Camera Companion.
This was the exact all-in-one solution that a New Hampshire veterinary practice had in mind when it sought to improve the clinic’s surveillance system.    
Surveillance Diagnosis
For Dr. Jennifer Edwards, veterinarian and practice owner at the Ponemah Veterinary Hospital, general security and safety were the primary concerns that prompted her to explore video surveillance options. The goal was to present a deterrent to would be intruders, “When you have signs posted that the premises is under video surveillance and you have cameras that people can see, it can make someone less likely to do something.”
The Ponemah Veterinary Hospital is about 2200 sq ft in size. In the event that anything out of the ordinary occurred at her practice, Dr. Edwards desired an added sense of security to observe exactly what happened. As a veterinary hospital, it’s well known that drugs and other medications are stored at the facility, making it a prime target to certain delinquents. In addition, she liked the idea of having the ability to check in on the operation at any time to ensure everything was running as it should while she is away. Lastly, there had been a few instances of garbage and other unwanted items being dumped behind the vet clinic, and she wanted video documentation to leverage if pursuing any legal action becomes necessary.
Easy Installation
The TeraStation 5200 NVR (4 TB) was tagged to be the foundation of the clinic’s new network-based video surveillance system. The system included three Axis m1054 HD cameras to monitor activity inside the building and one Axis outdoor camera to keep an eye on the back of the building. The interior cameras were placed to surveil the main reception area, an open area connecting several patient rooms and an area of high importance – the pharmaceutical storage closet.
Dr. Edwards said, “Working with the Buffalo team was great, my IT guy called in and found out everything he needed to know to get the system up and running.”
Once installed, the NVR was effortlessly configured to retain video files up to a week, which more than satisfied the vet’s needs.  
TeraStation 5200 NVR offers One-Click installation and compatibility with AXIS Camera Companion for quick and seamless network integration. The entire configuration was completed in a matter of minutes with no technical or network expertise required.
As a stated surveillance goal, Dr. Edwards wanted the ability to check in on the clinic while she was out of the office. With embedded support for AXIS Camera Companion, the TeraStation 5200 NVR allows her to access live and recorded footage from each camera, either from her computer or through Axis mobile apps for iPhone and Android. She can now remotely monitor all activity at any time, through a mobile device or laptop anywhere there is an Internet connection available.
As a small practice, the Ponemah Veterinary Hospital’s surveillance needs are well served by its four Axis cameras. With that said, potential future expansion plans might present an opportunity for additional video monitoring which means more cameras.
Because the TeraStation 5200 NVR was built with scalability in mind, there is no need to search for an alternative surveillance storage device. It can support up to 16 Axis network cameras, which Dr. Edwards thinks is more than enough for anything she can imagine. Up to 12 more cameras can be added to this current configuration with no additional hardware needed.
Overall, the TeraStation 5200 NVR’s storage capacity, performance, and support for Axis cameras and surveillance software has made a seemingly daunting task easy. The final diagnosis: “We are very happy, it’s great.”   
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