Travelling alone can be one of the most fulfilling experiences in your life because you get to visit places and do activities without compromising. Women travellers choose their destinations with caution to ensure their safety and value for their money.

When visiting The Middle East, solo women travellers will be glad to know that their safety is guaranteed during the day and also at night. Police are often seen patrolling the streets and are quick to attend to anyone in need.

Tips for Solo Travelling

Women in the Middle East are expected to follow specific guidelines as outlined below.

Mode of Dressing

Although you are not expected to cover up your hair, you should avoid wearing tight or translucent attires, shorts, and mini-skirts. To prevent unnecessary attention, cover your shoulders and upper legs when in public. The rules are different in certain countries; for instance, in Saudi Arabia all women are required to wear an abaya. When visiting holy sites, you are expected to cover your head.

Social Conduct

Avoid using inappropriate or flirty language and minimize physical contact with the men because this can be uncomfortable to them. You might present yourself in the wrong way. Shake hands with the locals but don’t hug them. A hug or even the slightest touch to a man is interpreted as a sign of romantic interest according to their culture.

Designated Areas

Most countries in the Middle East have areas reserved for women, for instance, in restaurants and public transport. In trains, there are areas where women and small kids below 10 years can comfortably sit through the journey.

Best Places to Visit

The only reason you travel alone to one of the most beautiful and enchanting cities in the world is to have fun. Remember to choose a hotel that is conveniently located if you wish to visit different locations. The following places will satisfy your quest for adventure:

Miracle Garden

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What is better than being surrounded by petals and sweet fragrances? The miracle garden is more than that because it has unique features that can only be found here. Being the largest floral garden in the world, you will expect to see floral themes, sculptors, and many flower beds. This garden displays 50 million types of flowers which are quite a sight to behold. You will get to see flowers you never knew existed. The fascinating thing is that, despite the area being a desert and experiencing extremely high temperatures, the miracle garden continues to thrive.

Shah Mosque

The most beautiful mosque in Iran is located in the city of Isfahan. The interior is adorned in mosaics of 7 different colours with turquoise being dominant. The doors boast of gold and silver painting. There are gold inscriptions and calligraphy about Shah. There are double layered domes which measure up to 52 meters.

The Desert

Going on desert safaris is both fun, and you get to meet and interact with other tourists. You get to participate in exciting activities such as sand boarding. If you want a calm experience, you can go for a camel ride while enjoying the sunrise or sunset. Women in Asia and the Middle East especially Saudi Arabia are known for their love of henna – here; you can get henna tattoos, paint your hair, and nails.

Best Places for Shopping

Women travellers to Dubai can expect to be spoilt for choice when it comes to shopping centres. Being home to a rich culture and heritage, you can expect to find both traditional and modern items.

Below are some places to visit for great deals:


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These are traditional markets where goods from Asia and African were exchanged – expect to find unique and original items here. They are categorised as gold, spice, perfume, and textile souks.

Gold Souk is famous for its exquisite jewellery crafted from silver, precious stones, and gold. Spice Souk has fresh herbs and dried spices that you can be purchased at reasonable prices compared to other parts of the world. The perfume one provides exotic fragrances in beautiful ornate bottles while the Textile Souk has both hand-made and machine woven carpets made from different fabrics.

Shopping Malls

The Dubai Mall is home to retail shops with different items, and there are also designer stores such as Gucci and Chanel. The mall houses an entertainment centre where you can relax, and you can also stop for coffee and snacks at conveniently located cafes, for instance, the Parisian tearoom Angelina which is located at the entrance of the mall. You can also visit the Dubai aquarium and underwater aquarium and experience the deep sea from a different angle.

The Avenues Mall in Kuwait is shaped to resemble rock formations, sand dunes, and the sky. Here you can do all the shopping you need from designer clothes to snacks.

The United Arab Emirates is known for many things from the tallest building to the largest mall. Women travellers will find great places to visit, eat, and engage in exciting activities without worrying about their safety.

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