Making money on Amazon by selling products has become an excellent way to generate profitable sales without needing a retail storefront. There are many approaches to consider when starting out to ensure your success in the early days and months before you become a more established seller. Not all of them are valid, sensible or work particularly well. Accordingly, we have narrowed down the field to provide four Amazon marketing tips suitable for beginners.

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  • Know the Rules of Amazon Selling and Abide by Them

One way to halt your Amazon selling venture before you barely get started is to not be aware of the rules or fall foul of them anyway. The online retailer is particularly sensitive about their rules being followed and either suspends or bans accounts permanently that fail to follow them.

Ignorance is no defense either. The current set of rules are linked to from the Seller Central for Amazon sellers page on The rules are easy to locate, so there’s really no excuse. Read through all of them to ensure you’re being 100% compliant with them at all times.

Also, monitor your emails from Amazon. Any rule change is alerted via an email to sellers. Check regularly for alterations to their terms because sometimes previously acceptable actions are subsequently disallowed, catching some sellers out.

Get Your ACOS Right when Using PPC Advertising

The ACOS is the advertising cost for pay-per-click advertising divided by sales.

The formula is used to get a basic sense of how much it’s costing in advertising to generate a given number of sales. When you already know how expensive the product was to get it on to Amazon ready for sale, then it gives you a quick back-of-the-envelope sense about whether the item is selling profitably, breaking even or even making a loss.

The trick with ACOS is to learn how to use PPC advertising for your products well by optimizing the process for most profitable items.

Create a Better Product Page

It’s important to think about your Amazon product page like it’s a landing page on your website. You have control over the product images that are shown, the product name, the product description, and selectable options such as sizes or colors.

Look at other products selling well in your product category. Put yourself in the mind of the customer. What information are they looking for? What was missing from other product pages? What did other sellers do particularly well?

Also, look at the customer reviews too. What information were people lacking that they were commenting about? Does your product address these concerns? Which ones can then be highlighted in your product description to garner extra sales?

Develop an External Website to Drive Sales

It’s difficult to get things started with a new product. There are so many new products being launched daily on Amazon that it’s tough to stand out.

One way to do so is to use an existing site or create a niche site to promote the type of products or product category you’re competing in. Get organic search traffic to your website and promote your new product as one worth consideration by promoting its best-selling points.

Doing this, you can earn affiliate commission from the sale, profits from selling your product on Amazon and lower your Amazon sales rank in the process. When the sales rank begins to move indicating new sales momentum, Amazon often will begin promoting a new product when they see it’s becoming popular.  

Marketing a product on Amazon for the first time is a bit nerve-wracking. However, when using some of the above tips, you’re bound to have more success which can lead to new successful product launches in the future too.

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