In case you’re running a business, and you wish to improve your sales by implementing social media marketing, you should know that digital marketing companies in Dubai can help you a lot in achieving that goal. Creating a successful social media marketing campaign is not something that can be done overnight, and if you have no experience whatsoever, you should consider hiring professional social media marketers. Promoting your business through social media is not advertising per se, but you’ll engage with your potential customers allowing them to find your company through social media channels, rather than through Google banners.

Things To Know Before We Start

If you’re from the UAE, make sure that the social media platform you decide to use is allowed by the UAE authorities, since social media was banned in the UAE. After the internet community and the UAE authorities agreed that social media should be allowed in the country, there are still some platforms that don’t fully function in the country. So, before embarking on some serious business with digital marketing companies in Dubai, first make sure that the platforms you wish to use are allowed inside the UAE. Read more about social media drop rates compared to the podcast in this article.

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Social Media Promotion

In case you decide to create and run social media campaign all by yourself, you should follow some ground rules, and you should be aware of mistakes people usually make. You can read about the ten most common mistakes that people make in this blog

In today’s article, we’ll go a bit further and talk about 12 common mistakes that you should avoid when creating your social media marketing campaign. Mistakes you should pay attention to are as follows:

1. Too Much Posting

We all know how to occupy people’s minds. By bombarding them with posts, you’ll make sure that people are regularly informed of your company or brand. Like everything in life, promoting your company through social media should also be balanced, and that way, you’ll reach the desired goal. In case you post too much content frequently, you can expect your potential customers to become irritated, which will lead to ignoring your company.

2. Personal Communication Is Top Priority

People like to communicate with real people instead of some faceless corporate office clerks. By avoiding some formal phrases and trying to be more natural in conversation with your potential customers, you’ll increase the chances for your company to obtain a new customer.

3. Not Everyone Reads Your Posts

If you believe that everyone read all of your posts just because you posted them, it gives your potential customers a feeling of distrust. Since people are very busy, not everyone reads everything you’ve ever posted online. Be patient, explain to them over and over anything they wish to know, and results will show.

4. Negative Feedbacks

In case you got some, never delete or ignore them. We all tend to be perfect, but that’s not really thinking. It’s better to have negative feedback for all others to see, and you can leave a statement about this specific case.

5. If People Aren’t Interested, Don’t Bother Them

Social media platforms are marketing platforms. That doesn’t mean you should practice your marketing skills on people who aren’t interested. This will bring a blowback which you won’t appreciate.

6. There Are No Instant Results

Social media marketing is all about gaining customer’s trust. There’s no secret weapon about sales through SMM, but it’s all about gathering contacts and new potential clients, who will, in time, become trustworthy buyers.

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7. Never Keep Any Secrets From Customers

Internet is a very open and free place for everyone. If you try to keep secrets from customers, you may succeed, but not in a long shot. Always be transparent and answer customer’s questions, provide them with instructions and information they need, and it’ll be beneficial for both parties.

8. Social Media Marketing Strategy Is A Piece Of Bigger Picture

Many social media marketers make the mistake of thinking about SMM as a separate strategy. SMM strategy is always a part of a broader strategic plan and keeps that in mind when creating a strategy with digital agency Dubai for your business.

9. Wrong Marketers Mean Bad SMM Strategy

Never choose SMM marketers without doing a background check first. In case you need a professional digital marketing agency in Dubai, give us a call, and we’ll do everything we can to fulfill all your ideas.

10. No Backup Plan

It’s rare for SMM strategy to result in crisis, but that can also happen. You should always be prepared for everything, and still, have a contingency plan ready.

11. Singular SM Platform Focus

Never create a single SM platform campaign since you’ll have fewer subscribers. People tend to switch from platform to platform daily, and your campaign should be present wherever they go.

12. Be Thankful To Your Followers

The wrong thing to do is to assume that you don’t “owe” your followers a thing for following your campaign. Always be ready to give away some prizes, discounts, and other forms of beneficial gifts to your followers.

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