So guess what happened? I overheard two guys talking in the coffee area … conversation is as follows ..

“Man I am telling you in the ecommerce space there not much of a difference everybody is 20 AED less or more in price and in the end it is all about customer experience. Whoever does it better will win eventually. I tried many ecommerce websites in UAE I didn’t like most of them and then I tried Noon oh man it was awesome I fully recommend it”

Ok the guy was right about the customer experience but hang on … blatant praise for got my attention and as a founder of geekfence I thought ok why not .. lets do a mystery shopofying action on

First thing first … the SEARCH

I searched many different items on noon and many other websites and my friend from the “over heard” conversation was right sometimes the difference 20 AED up and down and sometimes it goes almost up to 80 AED. I found cheaper on many different categories than other ecommerce players in the region. Also I must admit search on is nice. It has some nice feel to it .. and coming from UI UX army background it is important for me.

gf noon post 2

Ok fine now lets place the order.

So I played a bit nasty and placed my order on a Saturday whereas in UAE many companies do not work like a normal working day and I wanted to check how its gonna react to my transaction. I placed an order of a nice beautiful Xiaomi Redmi Phone (I am never gonna tell you which model, I am possessive). It was around 3 pm I placed the order and guess what??

When it arrived 

gf noon post 5

Next day Sunday 13:01 to be precise I had my order in my hands. It was nicely, securely packed in the wrapper and inside there was a gorgeous post card and my device which I selected all in place.

The verdict .. works and it works better than the Global Giants. I hope the experience I had … replicates and resonates with many other customers who are actually not a mystery shopper like me.

Wishing all the very best. Ecommerce in Middle East is in safe hands. This article was written totally as part of my own gut feel investigation and doesn’t know about it.

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