What do you know about fertility and conception? Many folks know little when it comes to enhancing fertility. It is important to visit your fertility clinic Dubai for advice. Fertility rates in the United Arab Emirates have declined by 160% from 1960-2017, while more couples demand IVF treatment. Also, many couples face infertility because they wait longer to have children.

Factors Affecting Fertility

There are several factors that affect fertility, which many people might not know. Hormonal problems; for instance, hormonal imbalance can cause problems with ovulation. Too much or too little thyroid hormone affects menstruation and fertility. Other issues include growth in women and genetic defects or DNA damage in men. Trauma or previous surgeries on the testicles also reduce fertility.

What You Should Know About Fertility

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How much do you know about fertility? The following facts might surprise and enlighten you at the same time:

  1. Being Healthy is not Necessarily a Sign of Fertility

If you have a healthy lifestyle eating healthy and exercising regularly, it doesn’t mean that you can’t face infertility. Even healthy couples can experience infertility because of uncontrollable factors.

  • Start Planning Early

If having kids is on your agenda, you should start visiting a fertility clinic Dubai specialist in your 20s or as early as possible.

  • Both Men and Women can Be Infertile

Did you know when a couple faces infertility, about 1/3of the time, it is a male-related issue? Infertility is a couple’s problem.

  • Patience

Sometimes it might take a while even for healthy young couples to conceive. Patience is recommended.

  • Professional Advice

If you would like to have kids in your mid or late 30s, it is advisable to visit your fertility clinic Dubai physician to find out the options available.

  • Blood Test

Did you know specialists can perform a blood test to examine your egg reserve? You can go for this test anytime.

  • 1 in 8 Couples Battle Infertility

Infertility might happen because of issues with 1 partner or both. However, there are different remedies to solve these issues.

  • Age Matters

Women under 35 years are more likely to conceive. However, if you are over 35, you ought to visit your fertility clinic Dubai specialist if you fail to conceive.

  • Weight

Did you know that your weight affects your fertility rate? This means that if you are overweight or underweight, you might have fertility issues.

  1. Age Affects Men Too

Women talk about the biological clock ticking; this is also true for men. Sometimes, even young men face fertility issues.

  1. Birth Control

The type of birth control you choose can affect your fertility. It is advisable to visit your fertility clinic Dubai specialist for valuable advice.

  1. Periods are Connected to Fertility

Your monthly cycle can hint at your fertility. If it takes longer than 25-30 days, it shows that you have irregular periods.

  1. Exercise

Women who exercise moderately have better fertility; however, those who do vigorous exercise might have issues. This is because the body interprets this as stress.

  1. Age of Menopause can be Genetic

If your mother experienced early menopause, chances are you will go through the same. Fertility might be linked to genetics.

  1. Lifestyle Choices

Certain habits can reduce your fertility, such as smoking, drinking, and a poor diet. Making changes can have a massive impact.

  1. STIs and Fertility

If you have ever contracted an STI, it is advisable to talk to your fertility clinic Dubai specialist for advice.

  1. Donor Eggs

More than ½ of the eggs used in IVF for women over 40 years are usually donor eggs. This technique is more popular than egg-freezing.

  1. Causes of Infertility

There are 4 common causes of infertility in women tubal infertility, cervical cause, endometriosis, and ovulation disorders.

  1. Fertility and Ovulation

A woman is most fertile before ovulation. You are most likely to conceive during the 5 days or so before ovulation.

  • Don’t Make Assumptions

If you have been trying to conceive for a year to no avail, you should not assume you are infertile. Most couples face this, but they still conceive.

  • Sperm Count

If you have sperm count issues, visiting your fertility clinic Dubai specialist is recommended. You will find out that these issues can be fixed with simple operations and lifestyle changes.

  • Egg-Freezing

If you would like to freeze your eggs, it is advisable to do so in your 20s or early 30s. However, don’t forget that this procedure is considered experimental, especially for those with cancer or endometriosis.

Many people think they know a lot about fertility when in reality, they know little. Infertility affects both men and women, and even young couples face fertility issues. Simple lifestyle changes and regular visits to the doctor can improve and prevent fertility problems.

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