It is no secret that the UAE is fascinated by advancements in technology. Government support and qualified physicians make it easy to adopt new technologies in the health sector. More hospitals in the United Arab Emirates are embracing 3D and robotics to perform surgery on some of the most dynamic procedures.

3D Printing and Robotics in Surgery

3D printing has been around since the mid-1980s, and the medical sector was an early adopter of this technology. The medical sector has the potential for growth because of how you can easily customize and personalize treatment according to individuals.

Embracing robotics in surgery is beneficial because there is precision when making incisions, minimal bleeding, less pain, less risk of infection, and faster recovery time. Artificial Intelligence can accomplish what humans cannot within various medical fields.

Embracing 3D Printing and Robotics in Surgery in the UAE

The UAE is always on the frontline to embrace new technology to make treatment and the life of its citizens easier.

Below are ways 3D printing and robotics are used in surgery in the UAE:

3D Printing

3D printing is changing healthcare in the UAE from creating an avenue to print medication and changing prosthetic designs. This technology is set to change many lives of patients; for instance, you can show a patient a 3D replica of his malignant kidney and convince him to undergo surgery to save his life. This technology gives people new hope by giving them prosthetic limbs. You can easily search for a doctor near me Dubai specialist to talk about getting prosthetics if you need them.

Dentists also benefit from 3D printing by making 3D models of teeth and using them to create prostheses. The dentist scans your teeth using an intro-oral scanner, which creates digital images. This impression is sent to a 3D printing machine, which replicates the image into a 3D model. The 3D impression is important because it helps with accurate precision and planning, especially for complicated dental surgeries. Patients will benefit from this technology because it yields better results and reduces waiting time. Using 3D printing to take teeth impressions is accurate and takes less time compared to conventional methods where many objects were used and took longer.

3D will be useful in the future where it will be used in the health sector more. Scientists are excited as they are looking at ways to use bio-ink (stem cells) to print 3D organs. The Dubai Health Authority supports the use of technology to benefit residents and medical tourists.


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Surgeons can now do robot-assisted successful surgeries in the UAE; for instance, robot-assisted knee surgery has already been conducted in a UAE government hospital for the first time. Robot support enhances accuracy in the operating room. You can search for a surgeon near me and talk about your options and possibilities of using robotics support if you need surgery.

Robotic surgery provides surgeons with a 3D image and a magnified view of the patients’ bodies at 360 degrees. The physician then uses controls in a console to move very small surgical tools attached to a robotic arm to make conduct the operation. The treatment is monitored by a computer, depending on the needs of the patient. It is like a tailor-made surgery for the individual.

If you are a busy person or hate staying at the hospital, you ought to talk to a surgeon near me, because robotics surgery is faster compared to conventional methods. Robotics surgery is minimally invasive, which means that the physician will make small incisions. This means that you will have a short hospital stay and faster recovery. You will also experience less bleeding and scarring, reduced chances of infection, faster return to your normal life.

During the procedure, the surgeon uses master controls to manipulate surgery equipment, which then translates the surgeon’s movements into accurate movements inside your body. However, don’t worry because the surgeon is always in control and the system that responds to his directions.

Many patients might be concerned that a robot performs surgery on them. However, the robotic system assists your surgeon in making accurate and delicate movements when controlling the machine. You ought to understand that the robot does not make any decisions, and the expert is totally in control. The surgeon tells the robot how to move. This technology allows for greater accuracy than the human hand cannot reach on its own. Robotics is beneficial to both the surgeon and the patient because it allows the physician to perform delicate surgeries successfully.

The UAE’s healthcare system is among the best in the world because they are always ready to embrace change. Using 3D printing in surgery has transformed how hospitals and populations view treatment. Technology was meant to make life easier and that is what surgeons are doing in the UAE.

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