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French startup Welcome to the Jungle has raised a new $22.3 million funding round (€20 million). The startup is both a media company and a tech startup that wants to empower tech companies when it comes to recruitment. It doesn’t find the right candidate for you, it helps you get exposure, track application, and facilitate onboarding.

Gaia Capital Partners is leading the round with existing investors Bpifance, XAnge, and Jean-Paul Guisset also participating. With today’s funding round, the company wants to expand to more countries and develop new products.

This is also Gaia Capital Partners’ first investment. The firm raised a $110 million fund (€100 million) with around 40 limited partners, such as Sycomore Asset Management, Generali Investments, and Bpifrance. The growth fund headed by Alice Albizzati and Elina Berrebi is going to focus on companies that have a positive environmental or societal impact at the Series B stage and above.

Welcome to the Jungle is currently available in France, Spain, and the Czech Republic. Up next, the company is going to open offices in Germany and the U.K.

The company works with photographers and a video crew to create high-quality profiles of other companies that are actively recruiting. This way, potential candidates can browse those profiles, learn more about companies and make up their minds.

Companies pay for those profiles to improve their branding, especially when it comes to recruitment. And it seems to be working well as there are now over 2,500 clients, including 250 in Spain and 100 in the Czech Republic.

More recently, Welcome to the Jungle has started to expand beyond those showcases to tackle the recruitment process at large. The startup launched Welcome Kit, an applicant tracking system to manage job offers and take care of job applications.

With Welcome Kit, you can design a career site, write job postings and create application forms. Your recruitment team then receives applications, comments and collaborates with the rest of the team, sends emails using templates, and more.


4,000 companies are using Welcome Kit. Collectively, they have posted about 150,000 job offers and received 2.5 million applications.

And now, Welcome to the Jungle is about to launch Welcome Home, the startup’s take on the good old intranet. The company realized that too many people who join a company don’t feel at home right away. And some people will even quit just a couple of months after joining a company.

You will be able to create an employee directory, post-company-wide announcements and get information using Welcome Home. All of this should help create a more welcoming environment for newcomers.

This article is inspired by Techcrunch.

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