The Dolce Gusto Esperta is rightly named as the “expert” in coffee-making. The Geekfence team loves coffee and we received Dolce Gusto’s Esperta machine a couple of days ago for review, at an event. We tested the machine for a while now and here is the review of what we think of the machine, from Dolce Gusto. This machine is a little different from your typical drip machine.

Esperta machine by Dolce Gusto

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This fully automatic machine has a special sophisticated spherical design. Esperta features a 1.4L extra-large water tank and is available in the black colour and measures 214 (W) x 364 (H) x 266 (D).  Esperta coffee machine combines an intricate design with two unique expert brewing modes. It is equipped with 2 professional extraction methods to create the coffee you want. 

With the Espresso Boost expert preparation mode, you can enjoy more intense Espressos and with the Delicate Brew expert preparation mode, you can taste more balanced and aromatic Grande Intenso and Americano at just a touch of a button.

With Esperta coffee machine you can create everything from the smallest 30ml Ristretto to our largest XL coffee.

After 5 minutes of inactivity, Eco mode automatically switches off the machine. It’s an A rating for energy consumption.

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The sophisticated Esperta capsule coffee machine can prepare not only hot, but also delicious cold beverages.

The descaling LED on your NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® ESPERTA coffee machine lights orange when it’s time to descale your machine.

Lift and Click 

You can adjust the height of the drip tray to put your glass higher if you use a small glass. This is how you can prevent your coffee from splashing.


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On the machine you can find different symbols & stripes. The first symbol stands for Espresso boost, you activate it by pushing the on/off button 1 time when your machine is already switched on. The second symbol is the delicate brew which you can activate by pushing the on/off button 2 times. The last symbol is the indicator light for descaling your machine. If this turns orange it is time to descale it. The stripes indicate the amount of water that will be used for the chosen drink. You can adjust that with the arrow up or down. On your cups you can see how much stripes you need per cup.

The App

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You can also connect your machine with your smartphone & download the Nescafé Dolce Gusto app. In the app you can personalize the size & temperature of your coffee. Next to that you can save your preferences & program the preparation at the time that suits you best.

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As we have mentioned before, this automatic coffee machine comes with two types of brewing or extraction methods, that is with Espresso Boost to create more intense espresso’ or the Espresso delicate to have more aromatic or delicate coffee. 

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Geekfence Overview– 

Our team at Geekfence simply loved the fact that we can make coffee the way we wanted it with the app. It has a huge water reservoir and we can make as many coffees we liked. A very easy to use personal barista and it makes great coffee, is a rare combination, so hurry grab your Espertas now!
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