Home to some of the best cities in the world, Texas is no doubt a beautiful state to live in with its magnificent landscapes and sceneries that you can enjoy every day. On top of being the largest southern state in America, the available IT Jobs in Texas is also at a high rate as it is home to 54 fortune 500 companies and thousands of other tech-related businesses.

Every year, the number of available IT Jobs in Texas increases, making it one of the top contributors to the growth of the state’s economy.

Now, if you are a graduate of a tech program or you decided to change your career and get into the world of tech, you might feel a bit nervous, especially since you are new to the field. To help you increase your chances of getting hired, here are a few tips:

Hone your soft skills

When applying for IT Jobs in Texas, it is a requirement that you should have the necessary skills and knowledge in terms of coding and technology that will help you do your job correctly and efficiently.

However, your employers will not hire you based on just your technical skills, but also your soft skills.

Nowadays, employers want an employee who they know can work well in a team and can speak well. When entering a tech job, you will most likely work with a group of developers and engineers, so you must get along with them smoothly.

Practice public speaking and learn how to work and communicate with different types of people, so hiring managers can easily sense that you can work efficiently with a group of people.

Build a Portfolio

Employers like seeing proof of your abilities and skills, which is why most of them require you to have a portfolio or compilation of previous projects that you accomplished.

If you are new or just starting, try to take on freelance projects first while you are looking for a full-time job so you can start making your portfolio.

It will also help if you can take on online courses as these usually involve you creating your program or coming up with different solutions, which you can use as an example when talking to hiring managers.

If you are still a student or you have extra time, you can also opt to intern at a tech company so you can have real experience in a tech setting. Go through different job listings available in Texas, as these usually offer internships as well.

Build a network

Apart from honing your soft skills and building a portfolio, also try your best to build connections online and offline. The good thing about following this trait is that you can practice the first two tips along with this one.

Building a network requires you to interact with people and make meaningful conversations so you can easily befriend them, doing so will not only gain you a new friend but will also improve your conversation skills.

When doing your internship or while freelancing, try to talk to the people you see, whether online or offline and try to exchange information as much as possible.

Building a network, especially a great one, will help you get stellar recommendations and find jobs that may not be available online.

A network of people in the same field will also help you improve your skills in terms of technology, which you can use for work.

Wherever you are in Texas, these three tips are easily doable, and following them can help you land the job of your dreams. While you are practicing these tips, it is also best that you go through job listing in Texas and start applying as much as you can to better your options.

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