Ottawa is a city of more than one million people, which boasts both English and French language. It maintains a “small-town feel” while all major tourist attractions can be reached on foot for Business. In 2017, tourist visits in Ottawa grew up to 8.8%, with total visitor spending of about $2.3 billion as per the Ottawa Business Journal. With a considerable amount of money coming into the city, it’s no surprise that local businesses successfully thrive in the huge city. All that you are left to do is to tap an effective resource that can target the desired market – social media.

Social media is an effective tool to promote, establish, and position your brand according to your business needs. It is also an effective way to engage new customers and retain old ones. To be able to manage social media in the right way, it is essential to get consultations with a social media agency in Ottawa.

Social media is capable of reaching a key population and converting them to customers, thereby sales. It can produce marketing campaigns that can reach certain demographics and gain traction to make your business profile attractive to customers. Gone are the days when social media are used only for hobbies. Social media is a must in every business to grow and expand.

How Much Do Canadian Businesses Need Social Media

In Canada alone, there are approximately 25.6 million social media users in 2019, which is projected to balloon to 27.1 million users in three years. Therefore, a local social media agency in Ottawa is necessary for each business to find the desired customer. It can optimize social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or even build a website. It can create ads that would suit each business’s needs and run campaigns that are effective locally.

A social media agency can manage social networks if a specific business does not have the resources to do so. It can produce regular content suitable for every business. It is effective in optimizing the business’ appearance, even in search engines like Google.

One may ask what social media is for when the business is doing okay, and customers are coming in regularly – a good point. However, it would all the more be better if companies go online and optimize their social network. There are 23.8 million users on Facebook alone in Canada. Imagine if a particular business can reach that 23.8 million, or even half of that, even a quarter.

Smartphones cause the rise of social media usage. And people check the internet through their phones before they sleep, and the first thing they wake up. People check on social networks every time, like when they tour a new city, a new hotel, or even when traveling across the nation. Hence, social media is already part of the marketing strategy. Companies need to innovate and adapt to grow and gain more. People go online for a lot of stuff — all the more reason for a business to get into social media and be visible.

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