Gaming is definitely a thing for new product launches – even if it is not directly related to it. You might have see smartphones for gaming, clothing for gamers, and so on. And, it is not stopping there.

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PUMA has joined the bandwagon of promoting esports while introducing a new product last month aimed at gamers – the new active gaming footwear.

Essentially, it’s just “socks” but gaming socks or you might even categorize it as indoor footwear.

The official video explains how comfortable you will be while having the best-in-class grip and flexibility with the footwear.

The catch is that this “active gaming footwear” will cost you about 80 Euros (which roughly converts to $90 or more including tax). Of course, it is not a normal product offering, so it is a part of Puma’s innovation landmarks.

We are not sure how this should help you (gamers). But, it might be limited to indoor dance games or any VR/AR game that involves physical movement. It is totally up to you – but technically, that would be some use-cases for the gamers, we think.

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For now, it is available in the U.K and Australia, you can ask around the retail stores for more information on the availability of active gaming footwear in your country.


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