Before I start talking about my experience with X20 Pro. It is important to talk about RealME the company behind it. Founded by Sky Li, RealME is a young and dynamic smartphone enterprise committed to producing smartphones that are not only great in terms of power but design as well.

Dare to Leap is the spirit of RealMe and I was able to experience that while using the X20 Pro Lunar White version. The reason why I am specially mentioning the name because I really loved the idea of Lunar White. It is seriously amazing. Do not believe me? have a look at the image below.

It is easy to hold screen is fantastic and wide almost goes end to end however at times I felt the phone was slightly heavier as compared to other phones in the same category but then you have to understand it has a fantastic 64 MP camera which is …. amazing …. just amazing. you don’t believe me have a look at some shots below.

The phone has great speed and great usage capabilities I was happy to see a fantastic and very very responsive touch screen. Realme considers X20 Pro a flagship device and my god it is for sure. I had some fun making some videos and taking some shots against the sun as well. Have a look at some of the shots below.

Tech Specs

Powered by Snapdragon 855+ processor
64MP Quad Camera 12GB RAM and 256 GB inbuilt memory. You have a powerhouse of performance in your hands for sure with the great battery life that can last for 2+ days considering full-time usage as frequently as possible.

Talking about the screen which is OLED 6.5 inch with 90HZ refresh I can say it is possibly one of the best you would come across. 4 rear cameras really help in taking those pics nice and easy. Portrait mode does justice to the phone.

The Battery

4000mah and comes with fat and powerful SuperVOOC charger which means you can get a full charge in about 30 mins … wooahhh awesome?

What didn’t really come across good?

I feel the phone is a bit heavy and also the OS has many inbuilt gestures that I feel are overdone and they do too many things … probably not needed. Rest all good.

The Verdict

X20 Pro is a phone worth trying you will be surprised with its quality and camera work is amazing. 12 GB RAM and 256 GB inbuilt memory is something that will go a long way. All in all 4 Star!

The Price

You can pre-order it to get it on Jan 16, 2020. On Amazon. ae (Price range 1900-2000 AED).

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