We’ve seen several delivery drones that take different approaches to how they work.

Now, a team of researchers from Stanford University’s Lentink Lab has come up with PigeonBot- a drone that can bend, extend and simply change the shape of its wings as real birds can.

They also shared more details on it in their research paper.

Basically, if this tech improves, it can potentially let drones easily make tight turns and fly through turbulence – as some do predict.

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Their research was based on a dead pigeon – which helped them analyze how their wings work.

They also mentioned “Birds can dynamically alter the shape of their wings during flight, although how this is accomplished is poorly understood” in their research study.

Even though this may not be a breakthrough finding – it is still very useful.

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It can also have a wide range of applications to improve how other airborne drones work. It is tough to know how exactly it is going to change things – but for now, theoretically, the PigeonBot is impressive enough.

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