According to recent statistics, Australia ranks 27th among 27 developed countries with a better living environment for PWDs. Surprisingly, despite the country’s economic performance, we often neglect to provide people with disabilities the needed community support, including employment opportunities.

The statistics also relay that in Australia, only 54% of workforce participation is given to PWDs, while 83% are given to persons without disabilities. To clear this inequality, disability employment services have been offered with an aim to provide job placement and employment opportunities to Australians with an existing mental or physical condition.

Equality Regardless of Race, Sex, and Physical or Mental Limitations

The world came to a standstill when women demanded emancipation from the norms of the old. The Women’s Rights Movement made its way from the US and all across the world during the 1960s and 70s.

These days, we are completely blindsided by our views of normalcy and what each of us must possess to be considered “normal”. The conventional connotation of PWDs as “lesser” parts of society has pervaded throughout humanity.

Changing our perception about people with a disability comes with giving them a chance to do better and prove their capacities, not the other way around. And not so surprisingly, Australia has never had a strong mandate and support with PWDs up till now.

So, for persons with a disability seeking to make their lives better, whether it be financially or professionally, seeking help from disability employment services would provide you with the needed backing to land the job you qualify for. This is one of the equality initiatives we’ve had from the government so far, helping PWDs from around the country to get back to their feet.

Getting Back on the Right Track

People with disabilities find it hard to reintegrate themselves into society because of how they are viewed by society. In most instances, the loss of a limb or suffering from a mental illness becomes a label that makes a person lose self-confidence.

Nonetheless, programs like employment pairing or job training and immersion provide PWDs with a chance to get the right skills and land an employment contract. Such an endeavor proves vital to help enhance a disabled person’s credentials, so he gets the right job.

Australia is slowly reforming its view on PWDs by allotting social services that help them pass the hurdles of depression and acceptance. Though people who were born with a condition have better chances of getting a proper job, such an integrative act will not only benefit its recipients but positively impact the whole nation.

By giving PWDs a chance to participate in economic achievements, we are creating a society built on equality. This is the foundation of a perfect society that we can only imagine and fervently hope to achieve.

Reaping the Benefits of Equal Employment 

Companies and local industries hiring the services of PWDs are given much recognition in terms of worker diversity and upholding the equal rights of people with disabilities. The Australian government also provides employees with various funding and tax-exempts.

The government also provides cost coverage for workplace enhancement and changes through the Employment Assistance Fund. This program aims to give the entities financial aid in keeping their work environment PWD-friendly.

The benefit of employing a PWD far extends beyond an organization. Engaging PWDs creates a community that fosters equality and provides everyone with an opportunity to help build diversity and stronger economic performance.

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