Mail retargeting refers to a practice where companies use existing information about customers and refine the information sent to them by emails. In this marketing approach, businesses use valuable deep-dive data collected from the website and utilize it in real-time to craft direct mails to the user.

One of the benefits of mail retargeting is a higher conversion rate that could be around 40% or more in some cases. Here we look at the impacts of mail retargeting on the customer journey.

Enhanced Customer Experience 

Today’s customer interacts with a brand through 3-5 different screens, which could include smartphones, desktops, fitness tracker, or any other smart device. Businesses can combine the real-time monitoring of websites and personalized direct mail campaign to reach the customer quickly and in a personal way.

The mail retargeting allows organizations to use the existing information about the customer to truly understand his/her preference and where to send them during the next interactions through any device. The direct email piece is attractive, appealing, and top of mind in today’s world of digital noise. The probability of not able to duplicate the experience of direct mail in the digital realm helps in the quick turnaround of targeting content.

Customized Newsletters

Customization is the key to win customers, and mail remarketing helps. The existing data about the customer can be used to send customized letters or offers. For example, if a customer browses for a specific product but doesn’t buy it, the company can send an email to the customer about a price drop to entice the customer into buying the product.

Businesses can also send reminder emails to the customers for the products in which they are interested. Direct mail retargeting can also help companies to decide the frequency of mail communication as per the activity level of the customer.

Better Product Recommendations

Through the relationship with the customer, businesses can obtain data about the products the users might be interested in. Businesses can send personalized direct emails recommending products or complementary products the user has bought.

For example, if the customer has bought a smartphone, businesses can offer related products like memory cards, covers, or something similar. This allows for better conversion than generic product recommendations.

Recovery of Abandoned Shopping Carts

There are numerous reasons for people abandoning shopping carts online. For example, they might have second thoughts on seeing the shipping costs or total, can’t find a discount code to make the purchase final. In some cases, a customer may get distracted by social media or other portals, or their boss storms in when they are ordering.

A personalized direct mail from the brand can bring back the customer online and encourage completing the order and checkout process. While email retargeting is successful and highly used in the recovery of abandoned shopping carts, the combination of email retargeting and direct mail retargeting could increase the conversion rate by 113.5%.

Despite the popularity of electronic communication, direct mail continues to hold a higher rate of response from users. Hence, a large number of businesses use direct mail retargeting in combination with trustworthy digital counterparts to generate a faster and stronger emotional response followed by the right action.

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