Getting bored of the apps that you have on your android phone? Download Apps for Android, Don’t worry we saved you the hassle of browsing for worthwhile apps in Google Playstore. And if you are someone who is into the latest, fun, or innovative apps, this list just got sweeter because we have put together a list of free and new Android apps on the Google Play Store for you.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

1. FilterBox

Getting annoyed by unimportant notifications from the apps that you installed? We feel you. Thank the heavens (and the developers) because alas, FilterBox is here!

Like what its name suggests, this app filters notifications to your phones. It lets you create rules for specific apps. For instance, aa if you would like to mute notifications of a particular Whatsapp Group between 8 in the morning and 6 in the evening, this app lets you do so. Pretty cool, right? There are more notification rules that you can create with this app that meets your preferences.

2. Footej Camera 2

Do you want a pro-camera quality picture but can’t always carry one on the go? Then you got to have Footej Camera2 on your phone. A sequel to the popular Android manual camera app, Footej Camera, the second version of this awesome app lets you play with manual camera options like ISO, Focus, and Exposure, among others. So, whether it’s a slow-motion video or a normal video, you can experiment with your heart’s content.

3. Epic Privacy Browser

Looking for an alternative web browser? Look no further. Epic Privacy Browser is the app to download on your phone. It bundles plenty of useful features and packs a clean and clutter-free interface. It has an Audio Queue option that converts a web post into an audio version, an option to download videos and other snippets from web pages, and other nifty features all accessible under its three-dot menu! This is the browser to replace the default browser of your android phone.

4. Super Status Bar

Manually clicking to adjust the features available in your status bar can be quite irritating sometimes. Want some swipe-up gestures to your status bar? Download the Super Status Bar. With a little swipe to the left or right you can easily adjust your settings in the status bar! Status Bar is definitely an app worth adding to your smartphone.

5. Cast to TV Pro

If you are looking for a simple and easy-to-use casting app, you can try out the aptly named Cast to TV Pro. The app is supported by devices that come with Chromecast as well as Xbox One and Amazon Fire TV, among others. The good thing is that it shows the compatible devices just as soon as you launch the app. The controls are easier to manage, and there are several modes that you can explore. Just make sure to include the app in the Battery optimization list so that it doesn’t get killed by the system.

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