When I came to know that there is this Company from India claiming that they have created the world’s first AI-driven headphones PLAYGO BH-70 with “Advanced Noise Cancellation” ANC as they put it. I have to be honest I was a bit curious to try it firsthand and build my review on it.

Does it work?

We have done a lot of testing on Zoom Calls as well as Google Chat and it works like a charm. In comparison to the headphones without ANC, the difference is remarkable. BH-70 does justice to the writing on the box… while using the headphones you actually feel you are in your own world and background noise is almost next to nothing the built-in mic makes your voice very clear for the listener.

What’s in the BOX?

Yeah, that is the main question right! Unlike many other headphone packages, Play did it better and did it right. The box comes with a nice sturdy pouch and inside it, you will find your headset and the USB charging cable, warranty card as well as for instructions manual the “welcome guide”.

IMG 5774

The Battery

According to the specs mentioned in the manual and on the backside of the box you can fully charge your BH-70 in 4 hours and BH-70 works for 24 hours at a stretch on a full charge. Which isn’t bad at all.

The Design

Headphones are very light and nicely designed. The matte finish brown color looks luxurious with a metallic feel to it. The brand name is printed nicely in a very stylish way makes it look awesome. Buttons are placed well and are easy to manage.

The AI Aspect

Headphone’s noise cancellation is a great technology and also if you are listening to music and as soon as you take headphones off the music will stop and you can do a tap on the left side to quickly lower the volume if you are about to have a conversation while the headphones are on.

The Price

You can order it on Sharaf DG and Noon for as low as 899 AED. A great buy for tech enthusiasts who were looking to buy a great headphone but weren’t interested in the usual suspects as this entrant is a serious competition.

The Verdict

For all those who are working from home and worried about the background noise and disturbance, the BH-70 might just be the gadget you have been waiting for with a nice look and feel and breakthrough tech packed into it. Go get yourself one.

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The box
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