Otto Q – Wireless charger, Wireless charging is a great invention thanks to the awesome flagship phones and their manufacturers, many flagship phones come with the ability to be charged wirelessly.

Considering this trend there are many gadget manufacturers around the globe who are launching wireless charging pads and devices and because there are so many options out there it is difficult to figure out which one is the best. Otto Q – Wireless charger is one of them.

When I received Otto Q, a wireless charging pad from Moshi the first thing that got my attention was the design. Nicely done grey fabric pattern style pad (They call it Nordic Grey – no wonder I felt something Danish about it) with Moshi logo carefully placed on it and with USB C as the primary connection point for power I was pleasantly surprised.

The device looks very soothing on the eyes and it is designed so tastefully that it will bring a classy feel to your desk with a bit of luxurious feeling to it.

IMG 5888
Otto Q – open box.


iPhone 8/8Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XS/XS Max, iPhone XR, Android tablets and phones that support Qi charging.


I have charged multiple phones using it and I can confirm the speed of charging was fantastic.

Overall Design and Price

IMG 5895 1
holding the beauty …

It is priced at 229 AED on and considering the fact that is very light and designed like a fashion accessory lying peacefully on your desk, I believe the price is perfect and worth every penny and if you work mostly from home or office it will be possible that it will garner a lot of attention.


I give 5 stars to this fast, beautiful, and elegantly crafted wireless pad. 

Go get one from, Virgin Megastore (in-stores and online), eMax, Jumbo Electronics, (online), and iStyle.

IMG 5892
Otto Q – Up close and personal …
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