How to Buy the Right Gaming Laptop? a lot of gamers prefer to have a good gaming laptop when playing their games during any session due to the exceptional performance brought by the computer. For the best experience, you need to be very careful while purchasing these gaming laptops. How to Buy the Right Gaming Laptop? Keep in mind that buying a gaming laptop is not very easy as it may sound.

For you to buy the right laptop, you need to understand and consider a lot of things, or else you will fall for the marketing talks and later end up buying a non-gaming laptop with a poor performance that will lag you behind in your work.

Remember to make a well-informed decision before buying any gaming laptop, do your research online and visit or in any computer store. Below is a simple guide that will guide you into buying the right gaming laptop for the best experience in terms of speed and quality.

Graphics processing unit

The graphics card is an essential part of a gaming laptop. It works in that the images are highly delivered to your display by processing your information and then transmitting it to the monitor. This process can be very stressful when a hardcore gamer is running their games, and that is why they will need a discrete graphics card with a dedicated memory known as VRAM.

The average video memory of 4GB will serve you just right, even if a lot of people will always look for more when their budget allows. Nvidia GPUs are what many gaming laptops will prefer to use for the right gaming experience and the best performance.

The display

The display matters since there is no point in having a gaming laptop with beautiful graphics, and that looks like crap. To avoid these, you need to check the resolution. Anything below 1920 by 1080 will only give you muddy graphics. Also, remember the touch screens which enable you to play games like candy crush.

When it comes to matte or glossy, it all depends on your preference.

The central processing unit and RAM

The CPU being the brain of the operation in a gaming laptop, it then controls everything that is connected to your graphics cards. You can not make a mistake purchasing a notebook with a central processing unit that won’t handle all this. It also controls other non-gaming applications such as the browser or the operating system and hence improving their performance. Make sure you choose a computer with at least the latest generation of the intel central processing units.

The storage

The speed is always high when it comes to a lot of gaming laptops, and this is the reason a lot of gamers will prefer a larger SSD and a bigger hard drive too. Your games will always load at a faster rate due to the extra high speed with no annoying pause that is brought about when the hard drive can’t keep up with your games.

If your budget is too low, 1TB of a hard drive is highly recommended, which has a 7200 revolution per minute os speed. Nonetheless, instead of having doubts about what to purchase, get a gaming laptop with both a hard drive and an SSD.


Don’t focus so much on the specifications and forget about the keyboard quality. You will be pressing these keys every day, playing games, and surfing the web. Hence, a good quality keyboard that is highly responsive is worth the investment.  Make sure you get a gaming laptop that has an anti-ghosting feature, in that whenever you press the keys, they are all registered.


Do all the research and make sure to get a gaming laptop as per your budget. Be careful not to get conned and get something cheaper. For the most affordable laptops, intel core i5 processors are the right gaming laptop for you. However, if you decide to invest in a good notebook with a high-res display with a maximum of 64GB of RAM, you can source one from manufacturers such as Origin PC.

The brands

With your budget all figured out, there’s only one factor you are left to consider, the brand you will purchase the gaming laptop from. Every gamer always prefers a specific brand to the others, but there are some things you should consider while conducting research.


Purchasing the right laptop is not only based on the most known brand. A lot of factors will need some research. The right gaming laptop will give you the best gaming experience and serve you for an extended period without incurring additional costs.


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