Being a designer is a daily learning process, we’re almost always searching for tips, tricks, and tools to help speed up and improve our workflow.

Technologies have been evolving to make our work easier and help us improve productivity. Here are a few of the best extensions that are in the Chrome Web Store, freely available, and easy to install.

To access the following extensions, head over to Google Search and type “Chrome Web Store” and voila! You are ready to search for the following extensions that you think would be useful for you.


Getting the perfect color you saw on the internet could be really hard by just looking at it. With ColorZilla you can get the right HTML color codes at ease. It allows you to get a color reading from any point in the browser, quickly adjusts color and paste it into another program.

Simply hover over elements on your page to see the Hex and RGB color values being used. Click to quickly copy it to your clipboard. It’s fast, simple, and efficient.


Are you constantly looking for fresh new ideas or themes? This Chrome extension might be right for you. Palettab generates ideas for your creative projects, it helps you discover new fonts and color collections every time you hit the new tab button.

Once you install the extension, just click on a new tab in the Chrome browser and a five-part color combo with a unique name and author will appear. Inside of each color swatch is a different font sample.

In selecting the color scheme, click the name at the bottom of the window; to select the font, click its name inside the swatch.


Fonts Ninja

Wanna get that same font you think is perfect for your next project? Fonts Ninja is another easy, breezy extension for your Chrome.

It lets you try fonts without buying them first, discover new fonts and try them instantly in any design software, and have fun in improving your design.

SVG Grabber

Sometimes you just need to grab the images or icons on a page, to save time looking for the same icons. If that sounds like something you do — then welcome SVG Grabber into your life.

This is a tool to quickly preview and get all the SVG assets such as icons and illustrations from a website.

Muzli 2

Out of creative juices and need some inspiration along with your coffee? Muzli chrome extension got you covered. It will give you an up-to-date feed of awesome designs.

Page Ruler

Another serious pain is measuring the size of objects on your page. If this is something you usually do, we recommend you have the Page Ruler extension.

Open the extension, drag the box to measure, and you’re all set! Not much else to it.

We hope you will find them very helpful and that they help you get better results.


Let us know what other Chrome extensions that you know could be useful for designers. Drop on the comment section.

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