Everything has been going wireless over the years for our convenience. Technology is evolving day by day and surprises us with features that are really a life changer.

Samsung’s latest wireless earbuds – Samsung Galaxy Buds is one big innovation with amazing features.

If you are a music lover, here’s one true love for you.


Samsung Galaxy Buds have this iconic design that is a total eye-catcher and design that looks like a piece of jewelry in your ear with its glossy finish. These earbuds are in the shape of kidney beans and it comes in a jewelry-inspired case that made it in style.

It is available in three colors elevating your style in Mystic Bronze, Mystic While, and Mystic Black.

The design gave you love at first sight, and now let’s move on to the comfortability of these earbuds which contributes to the overall score of the item.


Having earbuds on your ears for hours, comfort is one of the things we take into consideration.

These earbuds are like it just made just for your ear with its fit that sits softly inside your ear making it ergonomic, and you can use this all day. You can run your all-day errand without it slipping out of your ears.


  • One feature that this Samsung Galaxy Buds Live talks about is the ANC or Active Noise Cancellation which reduces the background noises by 98% at 172.27 Hz, which you can turn on or off.
  • You can assign a shortcut on your phone that in just a simple touch and hold, you can instantly access your favorite playlist.

  • Bixby is always there to do what you ask to. You can control your phone without lifting it up, with just your voice, you can wake Bixby up and be ready for your command.

  • It is always good to share a good song with a friend. Make a friend listen to what you are listening to by simply connecting both of your Galaxy Buds Live to your phone.


Taking the major part of what makes it different is the sound. Of course, the quality sound that makes the sound comes alive is what we are all down to. Samsung Galaxy Buds Live has 12mm, speakers, with sound by AKG.

Battery Life

These earbuds can stay up to 8 hours of non-stop listening and up to 29 hours of battery life when buds and cases are at 100% power, charging multiple times from the case.  You can power your earbuds for 5 minutes and get to 1 hour of music time.

Out of power? You can use your smartphone to wirelessly give Galaxy Buds Live a charge on the go.

Are you ready to shift? Samsung Galaxy Buds are compatible with android and iOS.

To wrap it all up, Samsung Galaxy Buds gave you the best design, comfort, and sound along with the features that we can all really enjoy.

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