As one of the most progressive cities in Australia, Brisbane is a key contributor to the country’s economic development. With key sectors like retail trade and healthcare, the city offers plenty of employment opportunities, as well as a promising place for start-ups and businesses. Given Brisbane’s innovation-led economy, large talent pool, and strong business culture, it is no surprise that more and more investors are looking for opportunities in the city.

With competing becoming more intense in the business landscape, marketing strategies are more important than ever. Nowadays, hiring SEO companies has become common practice due to the profitable results of implementing search engine optimization (SEO). With regard to SEO companies, Brisbane has many organizations offering SEO services. The online space has inevitably become a looming opportunity for any business, so it is crucial that you utilize it in a way that will help grow your business.

Hiring an SEO company is a major marketing decision and one that can affect the trajectory of your business. Choosing the wrong company can have damaging effects on your sales, brand image, and overall reputation. However, with several SEO companies existing today, you may be conflicted about how exactly you can select the best option. Before you hire anyone, here are some of the essential questions to ask to direct you to the right agency.

How will you increase search rankings?

Search rankings do not change overnight, even with a serious SEO plan, so be cautious about companies promising immediate results. At the same time, you cannot expect to top the search results pages by focusing on just one aspect – good SEO is a continuous process that requires many steps.

While a reputable SEO company may not be able to give you a fully thought-out plan without knowing all the details about your business, they should still be able to illustrate the process they intend to go through. In particular, you should take note of their backlink strategy. Backlinks are one of the core aspects of search engine algorithms, so they could make or break your SEO efforts.

How will you show progress?

As with most other marketing strategies, SEO is a continuous effort that requires constant monitoring. However, some SEO companies may present progress and results in a complicated manner, making it difficult to understand. As a business owner, you naturally want to be able to interpret important metrics, so make sure to ask about this when consulting with SEO companies. Concerning SEO companies, Brisbane has many organizations offering best-in-class services.

Have you worked with a similar business?

An experienced SEO company will have worked with several businesses in the past, formulating countless strategies and encountering challenges along the way. However, each business has unique needs, so choosing an agency that has worked with a business similar to yours can be beneficial as they understand what needs to be done to get desirable results.

That said, this does not mean that a company with no experience handling a similar project should immediately be disqualified in your options. By asking about their experience, you get a better idea of whether a particular SEO company will be fit for the nature and objectives of your business.

How do you select keywords?

Keywords are crucial in any SEO strategy, and choosing the wrong ones can mean fruitless efforts. What you are looking for is an agency that will consider all aspects – competition, traffic level, relevance, intent – when doing keyword research. Many times, it is misunderstood that traffic level is the only thing needed to target the right keywords, but the truth is that you also have to think about the users’ perspectives when they make searches.

Can you share references of past clients you have worked with?

One way to get to know more about an SEO company’s reputation from the client’s perspective is to reach out to references. All SEO companies will generally have references, so do not hesitate to ask for a few that you can contact to learn more about past clients’ experiences. If possible, ask for their most active clients, as this will be a testament to how successful the results are for these companies.

Take note that successful SEO strategies involve long-term plans, so if clients stick to a particular agency for years, you know that the methods are sustainable and the results are consistent. Likewise, getting to reach out to previous clients can give you more transparent insights into how other businesses feel about working with a particular agency.

As one of the most popular digital marketing strategies today, SEO has the potential to accelerate your business growth by generating new leads, boosting organic traffic, and increasing conversions. However, at the heart of these results is a well-crafted SEO strategy, which will be possible if you choose the right agency to help you.

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