Forex Fury is claimed to be the number 1 EA in the market. Because of its amazing features and credibility, hundreds of thousands of people use Forex Fury for their trades.

The Forex Fury V4 version has particularly gained momentum in 2020 because it offers a wide range of trader-friendly features, including Automatic GMT, different time frame settings, News Filter, and more.

The best thing about this version is that the developers are consistently making efforts to upgrade the software so that the traders can have the best user experience.

What is Forex Fury?

Forex Fury is the popular automated EA that is compatible with NFA, FIFO, MT4, MT5, and other trending platforms.

What sets Forex Fury apart from other available robots is that it comes with tried and tested settings that developers offer to the traders without charging any additional fee.

This robot works in a low-risk trading environment with a 20% or less drawdown, which is extremely beneficial for newbies and traders with limited market knowledge.

There are plenty of other features too, including ECN support, effective money management strategy, and compatibility to work with any MT4/MT5 brokerage, which makes Forex Fury one of the best trading solutions available so far.

How does Forex Fury work in MT4/MT5?

If you check out the official Forex Fury website, you’ll notice that the developer’s ultimate objective is not confined to making some quick cash. They believe in continuous product testing so that they can offer users a smooth and profitable trading journey. This is probably one of the reasons why Forex Fury has consistently been ranked as the number 1 EA for many years.

Time-Restricted Strategy

Forex Fury works on a classic time-restricted strategy that works flawlessly with the M15 timeframe. Since Forex Fury can handle multiple currency pairs without any difficulty, it gives traders an opportunity to diversify their investments. Investment diversification leads to reduced risk, which is essential for the traders having limited initial investment.


This is what I loved the most about the Forex Fury EA. The software comes with user-friendly and result-driven settings. But it also enables traders to experiment with their own approaches by using the customization feature.

What sets Forex Fury apart from the rest of the competition is its flexibility and potential to work with a variety of different platforms.  In addition to that, the availability of money management and a low-risk strategy is perfect for beginners as they enable them to conveniently place trades without worrying much about the risk of loss.

Proven Settings

Forex Fury has been developed by a team of experienced traders who have invested their time and resources into creating and refining this useful Forex EA. There are proven settings that have worked wonderfully for plenty of other traders.

MT4/MT5 Compatibility

Forex Fury can work with all MT4 and MT5 brokers. This gives present-day traders an opportunity to trade on their preferred platform that is consistent with their unique trading strategy.

Money Management Strategy

The built-in money management strategy is another added perk that ensures sustainable long-term growth and performance. Forex Fury gives both experienced and new traders a chance to trade in a low-risk environment, meaning they can expect substantial returns without risking their investment.

Suitable for Multiple Currency Pairs

Unlike other Forex EAs that work on a single currency pair, Forex Fury can work flawlessly on multiple currency pairs.

Easy Installation

Forex Fury installation is a no-brainer too. Once you pay for your product, you’ll immediately receive a downloadable link. Simply download and install your product, and you’re good to go.

There are two variants available – Gold and the Diamond versions. The Gold package is priced at $229.99, while the diamond version is available at $439.99. Both variants are similar except that the Diamond version offers 2 live accounts, whereas the Gold variant offers 1 live account only.

Another prominent benefit of using the Forex Fury robot is that it comes with a one-time payment option. All updates you’ll receive after signing up will cost you nothing.

Different Filters

There are different filters to ensure you get maximum protection against unfavorable market conditions.

The Trading Results

The official Forex Fury website includes verified trading results for both live and demo accounts. Also, these results are verified by Myfxbooks, which is a third-party independent website.

You can check verified results for different currency pairs, including USDJPY, USDCHF, and GBPUSD.

The Community Reviews

Forex Fury has been around for quite some time now. It is used by thousands of active users worldwide who trust it for their daily trades.

New traders or those just entering the world of automated trading can go through reviews listed on an official Forex Fury website. Also, there are many independent review websites, such as the Forex Robot Nation, where you can find out genuine Forex Fury reviews. These reviews build trust and help traders know that they’re moving in the right direction.

Also, you can discuss your concerns on the online Forex Fury forums to know what other traders think of this product.

What is the Forex Fury Coupon? (Coupon is Fury15)

Apart from high-end features, such as range detection, stop trade filter, and reversal strategy, Forex Fury also offers a range of benefits to the users.

You can also use the Fury15 coupon code to enjoy further benefits. Needless to say, you would be entitled to receive the same exclusive benefits that you receive at a full price.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, Forex Forex is admired by both experienced traders and beginners as it is easy to use, comes with customizable settings, and can effortlessly run on multiple trading platforms without any difficulty.

The team of developers is constantly making efforts to improve their product, which is a sign that their motive isn’t confined to money-making only.

Also, there are thousands of active users who use Forex Fury to upscale their trades.

If you haven’t tried this feature-rich product yet, we suggest you give it a try at least once. It won’t take too long to witness real-time results. Promise!

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