Forex Steam is a 100% automated solution that has been helping newbies and experienced traders alike.

Unlike manual trading approaches that require traders to keep a constant eye on market fluctuations and price changes, Forex Steam can handle the entire trading cycle on its own.

Today, Forex Steam has over 4,000 clients with more than 10,000 active accounts.

Forex Steam has been developed by the same team of developers who have created another equally beneficial and popular EA called Forex Fury. Today, almost all traders, new and experienced, are already familiar with these two products.

What is Forex Steam?

Forex Steam is a popular Forex Robot designed and developed by Steam LTD, Canada.

This software has been particularly designed for MT4 and MT5 platforms on the M5 timeframe. One of the reasons why Forex Steam has been admired by thousands of traders worldwide is that the developers introduce updates on a regular basis.

The purpose of these updates is to keep the EA’s algorithm consistent with the ongoing market conditions.

If you’re willing to invest in this bot, we suggest you take a quick visit to its official website. The official Forex Steam website is well-designed and includes almost everything you need to know as a buyer. The features are clearly listed along with year-by-year live trading results.

There’s a dedicated section called ‘Advanced Forex Steam Features’ in which you can learn about some of the advanced features this bot has in store for the users (we’re going to talk about them in the subsequent sections).

The client testimonials are also listed on the official Forex Steam website, making it easier for you to see how other traders are taking advantage of this feature-rich automated trading solution.

Forex Steam – Features

Instant Download

Once you pay a one-time installation fee, you’ll immediately receive a downloadable link in your inbox. Simply download that link and enjoy your purchase instantly.

Continued Testing

The Forex Steam team takes optimization and growth quite seriously. Once you become a registered user of this product, you’ll keep on receiving updates on a regular basis.


You can either stick to the settings that come built-in with the product or can also choose to customize settings according to your needs.

Advanced Retrace Technology

Forex Steam features a Steam retrace technology, which is the proven way to secure wins, and limit losses. This option has been part of the program for more than 10-years. This technology has also been updated several times to ensure that it remains consistent with the best trading practices.  The purpose of retrace technology is to promote low-risk trading, which is the most effective way to grow your account fast.

Advanced Holiday Filter

The Forex steam holiday filter gives traders an opportunity to avoid holidays that triggers unfavorable market conditions. Forex Steam includes a pre-installed list of holidays.  All you need to do is add days you don’t want to trade, and the robot won’t place trades on those particular days.

Spread Filter

The spread filter will make sure that the robot only opens trades when the market conditions are feasible.

How does Forex Steam work in MT4/MT5?

As mentioned above, Forex Steam can work on both MT4 and MT5 platforms without any difficulty.

This gives traders an opportunity to diversify their investments using multiple platforms. Also, it helps distribute the risk, which is the fundamental cause of concern for most Forex traders.

The team Forex Steam has also introduced a number of useful features that can help with the process of trade optimization.

While Forex Steam is incredibly easy to use, its success mainly depends on how strong your trading strategy is. Unlike other automated bots that have a set investment limit, you can start with the limited amount with Forex Steam.

So if you have a limited investment and you don’t want to put your money at stake, you can start small using Forex Steam.

The Trading Results

Transparency is certainly one thing we loved the most about Forex Steam. The official Forex Steam website also showcases the verified live results for up to 4 years. The best bit? These trading results have also been verified by Myfxbooks.

The trading results are given on the website showing consistent growth by 5%-10% profitability each year. This demonstrates that the team of developers is adapting to the market accurately and determining ways to improve the system regularly through free updates.

According to the FS team, “Our goal is to provide long-term gains for our customers and ourselves. Not only do our trading results prove that we are following our mission statement but also provide insight into the positive future of the software.”

So one thing is pretty evident that the team FS is committed to providing the best of the best strategy that can boost your gains and limit losses.

The Community Reviews

Although our experience with Forex Steam has been super satisfactory, we suggest you do your own research. One of the easiest ways to determine the credibility of the software is to review the testimonials available on the official website and other independent review websites, such as Forex Robot Nation.

What is the Forex Steam Coupon? (Coupon is Steam10)

Those interested in downloading Forex Steam this year can also benefit from the Steam10 coupon code. Forex Steam is currently available at a $117.99 price sticker. This price covers instant access, free upgrades for life, 4 licenses, and all versions of Forex Steam.

Wrapping Up

Forex robots are getting more popular with the increased use of technology and automation. Today, both novice traders, as well as experienced trading gurus, use Forex robots to simplify their trading journey.

Forex Steam is an all-inclusive automated trading solution that promises to conduct extensive market research on the trader’s behalf.

It helps traders trade in a low-risk environment with needed diversification so that they can enjoy maximum gains on their investment.

Despite the fact that we’ve only included the tried and tested benefits in this review, we would suggest you install Forex Steam for your trades and witness results yourself.

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