Cavago is harnessing the “horse-power” of the global horse industry. In recent years, the number of horse facilities in China has skyrocketed, there are more people employed in the UK in the horse industry than agriculture and the United States has the most number of horses in the world. The economic contribution of the US horse industry is in fact more than motion pictures. However, the relatively disparate industry is often not quite in the mainstream. “Cavago was created as a result of my life-long passion for horses, and a search for uniting all horse lovers and equestrians from across the globe – all great startups, indeed, start from a place of great passion”, said Tauseef Qadri, Founder, and CEO of Cavago.

Cavago is the product of a desire to share the best that the equestrian service world has to offer.  With more than 500 breeds of horses and literally millions of horses and horse people, it’s a celebration of horse cultures around the world; a platform where equestrian facilities can promote their achievements and services but also aim for best practices recognized across the Globe. A platform where our Hosts can offer their equine and equestrian offerings from basic riding lessons, horse lease, clinics to fully-fledged riding holidays to users/riders/guests who are enabled to search and book seamlessly online or using the App. Cavago is a platform for the horse world, by the horse world.

“Cavago is a tech booking platform that unites a global community of horse lovers and equestrian properties, clubs, and hotels with horses. Hosts on the Cavago platform, can save money, make money and be part of the global horse community. We at Cavago are passionate about horses! We are the world’s first and only true platform for the horse world, by the horse world! Hosts can offer their equine and equestrian offerings and users/guests SEARCH, COMPARE and BOOK online, sort of similar to or Airbnb for horse lovers. ” 

Okapuka Horse Safari

Cavago is set to revolutionize the horse world and in essence, bring it closer is extraordinary, an opportunity to realize and harness the full potential of the equine and equestrian world. Cavago features hosts on the platform, that is both rich in their experience as well as diverse in their reach. Some of the most prestigious and luxurious equestrian properties, destinations, and facilities are featured on the platform and Cavago takes great care in curating and selecting its Hosts. As a global platform, this is a very attractive proposition. The following are a few examples of Cavago hosts and experiences. Cavago features horse properties from all the major regions of the World.

At Yeguada Cartuja, horse lovers can experience the birthplace of the iconic Andalusian Horse Breed at a Monastery dating back to 1475 Jerez, Spain, whilst at Al Jiyad, situated in Dubai, riders can experience authentic desert heritage mounted on famous Arabian horses and enjoy horse riding experiences. Elite, Olympic level coaching, and equestrian clinics are featured at places like Monte Velho where the current Portuguese national horse and rider are based, poised to represent their country in the Olympics. Similarly, one can learn specialized Show Jumping at elite facilities such as  PHR Equestrian with Grand Prix riders and horses in Madrid or Monterosato where an aspiring equestrian can combine it with a holiday in Fermo, Italy.

Yeguda Cartuja

Equestrian enthusiasts can pursue an adventure by riding through the big game territories of Kruger National Park in South Africa or the Masai Mara Game Reserve in Kenya, imagine riding in the open next to lions, elephants, and zebras, etc. Alternatively, riders can experience the charm of Iceland by riding on the native Icelandic Horse and staying in a rustic resort. Others can seek the thrill of pursuing equestrian disciplines such as Classical Dressage in Portugal or combine a stunning ride with a spa in Lucknam Park a boutique resort spread over 500 acres deep in the Cotswolds, near the historic Bath Spa, UK.

PHR Equestrian

Cavago reaches horse lovers globally and locally, hence one can ride a horse on the same beaches as Madonna in Comporta, Portugal, and Estancia Vik, an artistic Estancia featuring Polo in Uruguay where celebrities such as Leonardo Di Caprio and Mark Zuckerberg have enjoyed a holiday or even ride locally at a horse riding club near you, thereby giving varied options for all levels of riders and horse enthusiasts regardless if they travel or seek a horse experience in their immediate vicinity. The possibilities are limitless.

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