WordPress 5.6 Update right from the Horse's Mouth!

WordPress 5.6 Update is here! It is focused on making the user experience better. Better for the both, Front End User and the End-User (Visitor). Make your reader use text caret in your text blocks.

Moreover, add social media buttons, dark mode, better searchability, and more. In addition to these features, WordPress 5.6 Update guarantees to install automatic major updates in the near or far future, whenever they may be released. As for now, here are some awesome features that are provided to enhance your WordPress experience.

This is a video by WPBeginner – WordPress Tutorials to walk you through the New WordPress 5.6 Update in just 5 minutes & 24 seconds.

WordPress 5.6 Update. New Features!

The dark mode is made available. A lot of social media platforms and now WordPress have realized the importance of dark mode. This is a solution for visitors at night. In a dark room setting, a person viewing the website is going to look for the lower brightness.

To save his or her efforts of installing additional contrast apps for this purpose, WordPress gave the solution. In the end, it’s all about enhancing the user experience. If the user experience is made comfortable, it increases the chance of further interaction. Otherwise, the fate of the bounce rate awaits.

The second major update is Text Patterns. It enhances the user interaction experience with the text. Text pattern is about making the readability easy and consequently make the reader stick to the content. It not only decreases the bounce rate but also makes it exciting for the user to read. On the other hand, we all know that making visitors stick to the video is not as hard as making him or her stick to the written content.

Focal Point for Images & Videos

The third feature update is the Focal point editor. This is applicable to both, images and videos. Once you select the “plus” button in the block, you are ready to add a cover image among many other things.

Once you choose your image or video, you can select a focal point from where you want your visitor to resume the video. This will allow the visitor to resume the video from where his or her concern lies. As in written content, one can search their query.

However, the video lies on the contrary side. One has to skip it 5 seconds by 5 seconds to find their “focal” part, which is the part of their concern. By using the WordPress “focal point” feature, you will be able to set a focal point from where the visitor can resume the video and directly start watching from the focal point.

WordPress 5.6 Update. Features for Front User Experience

To improve the reader interaction even further, WordPress has added background color options to the list. The background color option makes your list content stand out.

However, its impact on the reader is engaging. A bouncing visitor may want to check the list before bouncing in an attempt to discover something of importance at last. This impact is created by a different factor that is added to the part of the same content. It excites the curiosity which translates to “what makes it different?”.

The next feature is adding social links i.e. Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. There’s another option that lets you select “open link in the new tab”. It increases the user click/select confidence.

The next feature update is the searchability factor. Now you don’t have to type “Image” to search for the image block section. Instead, if you even simply write “pic”, the “image” block will automatically appear. This is one of the amazing features of WordPress users/developers. The improved searchability is going to make tasks easier for the developers who are going to make their content easy for the end-users.

WP 5.6 Update: Information, Settings & Further Updates

The information section is informative now. Back when it used to show just the Document Outline which was a narrow approach to document information. Now in addition to the document outline, WordPress also shows you words, characters, headings, blocks, and paragraphs. This is a very helpful feature for the front-end users as it also implies the idea of writing first hand on WordPress as well.

In addition to the above-mentioned features, WordPress has renamed the “settings” option and turned it into the “preferences” option. The new preferences section has features for the readers such as making the block interactive for the reader. Realizing that a reader can read the same line twice due to confusion, WordPress 5.6 update has provided a text cursor inside the block. Its role is to let the reader use text caret from the leaving blocks.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about installing further updates when it comes to installing the updates in the future. The new 5.6 update claims to automatically install the major updates from now on. It mentions it on the dashboard after you end up installing WordPress 5.6.

In the end…

WordPress 5.6 Update has emphasized the user experience on both sides. This is a wide approach with a broad perspective. Once you make things easier for the service providers, the standard of services consequently levels up. However, WordPress has also provided features for the readers as well. All of its features in the 5.6 update seek to improve the user experience on both ends.

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