In today’s digital world where day by day new strategies are being developed and practiced to take a leading edge among relevant competitors.

Most people working online must be familiar with Domain Authority (DA), just to ease it down.

DA is a measuring tool that helps to figure out or track down where the website winds up on Search engine result pages (SERPs).

Although for many years webmasters have been fighting head to head to win the Pagerank game to rank higher on SERPs.

Still, many webmasters don’t realize the importance of Page rank is fading away and getting below the average marketing parameter.

Whereas in the current times’ Domain authority is arising as the more significant and more intuitive as a marketing strategy while measuring the worth of a website or while running an SEO campaign.

So, smart digital marketers are currently emphasizing greatly DA as one of the crucial parameters that help them to work efficiently and precisely towards SEO success.

Before going any further let’s see, what is Domain authority?

What is domain authority?

Domain authority is a ranking score developed by Moz which somehow connects with Google algorithms to help people get an idea of where a website can stand in terms of SERPs.

Most of us know, the hard bit is to get a website listing on 1st page of Google, this certainly has many benefits like top CPC, PPC, maximum traffic flow, etc.

Similarly, it helps marketers to work out effective strategies that can lead a website to the top rankings on SERPs.

This DA score developed by Moz scores a website ranging from 0-100 with abstracting out as the closer a website score is to 100 the more chances are the website would be ranking better than their competitors.

On the other hand, a website scoring far away from 100 the more the chances are of a website to stand on lower-ranking as compare to their competitors and have Poor SEO efforts.

Marketers need to know that although DA is an important parameter but don’t take it as the be-all and end-all of SEO as most people do.

While running an SEO campaign can help to gauge SEO efforts but Domain Authority is just a one-sided picture of the whole scenery.

“Though not necessarily a metric used directly by Google, Domain Authority is one of the metrics SEOs use to gauge how well a domain will rank and how valuable it is. Having high DA means a domain has better chances of ranking higher than its lower-DA competitors.”

Therefore, marketers should deeply analyze a website from other perspectives also and meanwhile utilize DA as a part of their final judgment.

Why do marketers consider domain authority as an important part of SEO?

Below are the reasons why marketers consider DA.

To measure SEO efforts

When a webmaster works hard, invests his or her money, time, and efforts in a website he or she has to go through many ups and downs while implementing SEO practices.

  • Removing bad links
  • Publishing high-quality content
  • Research keywords
  • Optimize web page speed
  • Optimize images

And so on, meanwhile, as we human beings are tempted to measure everything in numeric form.

It helps marketers to see the impact of their overall performance of a website.

Use DA to measure the optimization of a website there is no optimal way suggested by Google to measure the SEO score of a specific website, however, some tools can help marketers to measure the impact of SEO efforts.

Similarly, there are numerous tools available online to check DA PA score as it helps marketers to measure SEO efforts invested into a website.

  • The result gives an indicator to improve strategies – if a webmaster is lagging on DA score, it simply is indicating that the SEO strategies are not working in the right directions.

So it helps in readjusting the strategies or build new strategies to push the DA score, this will certainly improve the chances of ranking the website better on SERPs.

  • Helps in analyzing with competitors-The fight is all about getting on the top ranking of SERPs, so while running a competitive analysis it helps to figure out what is working best for our competitors who are ranking higher than us and what mistakes are dragging a website from improving rankings on SERPs.
  • Helps in getting backlinks from higher authority websites- while taking backlinks from other websites it can help a marketer to analyze several websites at a time and figure out which is more worthy linking website with an instinct of eye.
  • Makes a website look more credible- Achieving a high DA score is not as simple as drinking a cup of tea that can be attained easily.

However, it takes time, frequently optimizing the website, publishing authentic and unique content that engages readers, etc.

After all this struggle, only a website stands highly credible in the eyes of the audience and Google.

  • Helps other brands to get more visibility- From the advertiser’s perspective, if a website has a high DA score it impresses them to publish their products, ads, pay high for getting the opportunity to display their services.

This gives them exposure to a maximum audience.

  • Helps in getting sponsors and guest posts- A webmaster who has paved his or her way to get higher DA helps them to easily attract sponsors and allow others to do guest posting opportunities on his or her website.

This benefits the owner with multiple advantages like generating revenue and getting backlinks.

Final verdict

Although domain authority is not a ranking factor for Google it correlates with Google’s algorithm that improves the chance to rank accordingly on SERPs.

On the other hand, DA is very important for anyone with an SEO background, especially for marketers as it helps them to understand the worth of a website and work accordingly.

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