Kingston: Nucleum, Canvas react Plus Kit 128 GB, and Kingston 64 GB data traveler are your tech trade-crafts for performance, compatibility, and mobile companionship.

USB C ports have always been a go-to option for the tech geeks. While some features of such tech gear remain useful, others remain a wish. Features like power pass-through, card slots, HDMI output, and magnetic interference elimination are some of examples. All of which are covered by Kingston’s Nucleum device and we loved using it with our Macbook pro.

Kingston’s Nucleum, Canvas react Plus Kit, and Kingston data traveler.

Although there are many features of these devices to discuss, we fear that you might skim through and miss out if we mention them in a paragraph. So to keep it simple, short, and sweet, we’ll mention the ‘must-read’ details in the introduction of each feature.

So here’s a list of those features and values that you can get out of Kingston’s Nucleum.

  1. 7 ports of potential from one USB-C connection which includes HDMI, USB port(s), and Card space (SD and microSD slots).
  2. With 4K HDMI 1.4 output, you can add more pixels.

    To make it easy for you, it’s 30 frames per second. With HDMI output, you can output a 4K video to any monitor or your TV.

    It is really handy and helpful with the devices that support a 4K pass-through to a TV directly from the device. This eliminates things like screen mirroring and stuff.
  3. Charge your phone.
  4. Card slots are useful for content curators.
  5. You can connect to a larger monitor.
  6. Also to your phone.
  7. There are two things that make it a mobile companion. Compact size and built-in cable.
  8. It’s small and light, compact in size.
  9. plus, you get a 2-year warranty with free tech support from Kingston.
  10. It is designed to eliminate magnetic interference as it has an aluminum finish.

    It is an interference in devices and their ability to operate by the nearby magnetic structures.
  11. It has two USB C ports and one of them is a power pass-through that measures up to 60W.
    Power pass-through port will let you charge your device while using the Nucleum at the same time.
  12. Two USB 3.1 ports on either side. It means that you can really transfer your files at a faster pace.
  13. It costs $49.99

Now for the second one, Canvas react Plus Kit 128 GB.

Kingston Canvas React Plus Kit 128 GB:

Kingston’s Canvas React Plus Kit 128 GB is available in different capacities which include 32 GB, 64 GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB as well. If you have a card with 300 MB/s written on it, it means that your card can read the images that fast, which is 300 MBs per second.

However, the writing speed of Kingston’s Canvas React Plus will measure up to 256 MBs per second. There are some other specifications that we shall explain to you as well.

The V90 is a High Sequential Class with 128 GB.

UHS-II, class 3.

  1. High speed for full-HD drones.
  2. Supportive speeds for action cameras as well.
  3. The capacity to capture 4K/8K UH high-speed shots.
  4. It supports A1 app performance.
  5. Perform optimized file transfer with included reader.
  6. Lastly, it’s durable as well.
  7. With Kingston’s 128 GB, you can perform Casual Photography (Class 6 or up) and Street Photography (Class 6 or up) as well.
  8. Then, what makes you think that it’s not a good choice when it comes to Wildlife photography? (Class 10 or up U3, V30)
  9. High Sequential Class 10 or up U10, V90.
  10. and supports 4K video (Class 10 or up. U10, V60).
  11. You can get a really fast speed with 300 MB per second. The car can write 260 MB per second.
  12. And when you are doing a 4K video then v60 is a good choice.
  13. The card comes in different capacities which include 32 GB, 64 GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB.

Kingston 64 GB data traveler

Now as for the Kingston 64 GB data traveler, it’s a smooth and passive design. The concept behind making it slideable is providing a solution to those who find it hard to take care of their memory stick caps.

Moreover, is a cute hook on the backside of the memory stick which makes it easy to be used as a keychain. It is an attempt to make it a more mobile companion. And next time, when you’re up to use your memory stick, you don’t search for a place or worry about the ‘memory stick cap’ and what’ll happen to it. Kingston is maximizing on your wish to enjoy hassle-free work.


Kingston: Nucleum, Canvas react Plus Kit 128 GB and Kingston 64 GB data traveler. Maximizing on your wish to enjoy hassle-free work.

Whether you are a tech geek or not, tech gadgets are a part of basic needs. To fulfill them, Kingston offers various tech gadgets each from a different perspective.

Today, we kicked off with Kingston’s Nucleum that is your way to connect multiple devices, entertain SD and microSD cards, along a power pass-through slot.

Then we moved on to tell you about the Canvas React Plus where we also elaborated you some of the details that you can read on the card.

Lastly, we mentioned Kingston’s 64 GB friendly designed data traveler that maximizes the hassle-free wish to work.

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